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Chapter 19

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 19: Perfect Excuse

    Larbre Studio  Larbre Studio

    White cotton was considered quite rare to be found in a low-end market. The retailers were normally unwilling to purchase it because of the high price of white cotton, which was why they rarely sold it here.

    On top of that, it was even rarer that a young girl like Su Cha would want to buy white cotton.

    “To make clothes.”

    Su Cha’s reply was few and pithy as she did not want to waste her time here. “How much is it?”

    Seeing this, the lady boss threw away her cigarette and showed a number with her fingers. “190 yuan for one meter.”

    The price was indeed quite expensive.

    It was almost 200 yuan.

    The money was enough for someone to buy a few clothes in this market.

    Su Cha lowered her head and roughly calculated, she then replied, “Alright, I will get 10 meters.”

    She needed to pay 2,000 yuan for 10 meters of white cotton.

    The lady boss found it unbelievable. “You don’t even want to negotiate the price?”

    The prices of the goods in this market were mostly quoted recklessly. For instance, you might only need to spend 30 yuan to get a shirt which was quoted as 100 yuan from the retailer, and perhaps the retailer could still earn some profits.

    In the clothing market, one could gain huge profits from selling branded clothes and the cheapest varieties. On the contrary, mid-to-high-end products were in an awkward position compared to that.

    Su Cha answered calmly, “If you rip me off, I won’t buy from here next time.”

    If she could really make money from this, she would definitely need more than 10 meters.

    The lady boss was impressed by Su Cha’s tolerance and calmness, she quickly reacted by starting to cut the white cotton. “Alright, I won’t rip you off since you’re just a young girl. There are very few kinds of white cotton sold in this market, my shop is the only shop that sells white cotton recently. You’ve picked the correct timing.”

    She was quick in action and finished cutting 10 meters of white cotton for Su Cha in no time.

    10 meters of white cotton was quite heavy and even the lady boss found it hard to carry. When she passed it to Su Cha, Su Cha’s expression did not change at all. “WeChat pay.”

    After payment was done, Su Cha carried the white cotton and left. The lady boss asked, “Do you have a sewing machine at home? Are you going to make the clothes by yourself?”

    “I know how to make clothes, that should do.”

    Su Cha’s light words drifted along with the winds. The lady boss relighted her cigarettes and sat down. “Are all the young people nowadays so weird?”

    After buying the white cotton and some ordinary needles and threads, she had basically done her shopping.

    She went around the market and found a suitable sewing machine. Her total spending was 2,500 yuan.

    The remaining 2,500 yuan would be used for living expenses and emergency purposes.

    The sewing machine was delivered to her house by the workers. She was exhausted and drenched in sweat after she settled everything.

    Right at this moment, she received a call from Bo Muyi.


    The man on the other side of the phone called out the rather intimate name tentatively. Su Cha could feel her heart calming down after listening to his voice that was as clear as spring water. She no longer felt anxious and hot. She murmured, “Umm.”

    Bo Muyi was happy with her reply, but he felt restless at the same time, his fingers on the pen tightening. He received some news and yet he did not know how to ask Su Cha about it. He was afraid that Su Cha would see him as a controlling boyfriend.

    His subordinates told him that it would affect their relationship if he did not give enough space to his lover at the beginning of their relationship.

    He did not wish to have any unstable factor between Su Cha and him. He could not ask her directly about the reason she bought those things, but he needed to change the topic as well. Bo Muyi’s eyes beamed up when he glanced through the clock hanging in the office. “Cha Cha, it’s almost noon now, time to eat.”

    What a solemn and serious tone!

    Bo Muyi felt that he had found a perfect excuse.