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Chapter 20

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 20: Be Good And Eat Well

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    She could not help but laugh at Bo Muyi’s words. “This is the reason why you’re calling me? Just to ask me this question? Do I look like an id*ot who will forget to eat lunch?”

    She was going to eat after she finished buying and settled everything.

    The young girl seemed to be acting cute while talking to him right now. Her words buttered him up as he could sense the sweet feeling through the phone.

    He never knew that he would actually be so happy when Su Cha was acting cute for the sake of him.

    Bo Muyi had never had such an experience before, he could feel something welling up inside his chest.

    However, Bo Muyi was suddenly struck by the thought of the bits and pieces of moment where Su Cha and Di Yao were together in the past.

    Did she act the same way she does now, saying such words to the man or even acting cute in front of him?

    Jealousy suddenly crept up like a snake shooting out its tongue. The feeling was so depressing, making Bo Muyi feel frustrated. He did not know why he came up with such a thought all of a sudden. Nonetheless, just the thought of the man gave him a strong urge to kill him immediately.

    Bo Muyi pulled his tie irritatedly when he realized he was still on a phone call with Su Cha. He uttered, “Umm.”

    Bo Muyi forced himself to calm down before asking again, “Chacha, did you buy something at noon?”

    He was able to ask straightforwardly after the previous conversation.

    He was checking on Su Cha as he wanted to know everything about her. Naturally, he sent someone to follow behind her, which was why he knew that she bought a bunch of weird stuff…

    Anyway, it was strange.

    “Hmm?” Su Cha did not mean to hide from him. “I’ve bought a sewing machine, some fabrics, needles, and threads that I’m planning to use to make clothes. I want to learn embroidery as I have to learn some skills. What if I can’t get into university?”

    Before Bo Muyi could say that he would take care of her forever, Su Cha asked him, “Muyi, did you send someone to follow behind me?”

    All of a sudden, his agitated mind and mixed thoughts calmed down. Bo Muyi started getting nervous. “So… Sorry Chacha, I…”

    I just couldn’t control myself.

    His long and pale fingers gripped the pen tightly as he uttered those words, so tight that terrifying blue veins appeared on the back of his hand.

    He was afraid that Su Cha would say something he did not want to hear.

    “No next time.”

    However, she merely made a slight complaint with her soft voice. “I don’t like someone following behind me. I can call you every day if you want to know what I’ve done, is that okay?”

    Her last sentence sounded like she was making up to him.

    He could even imagine how Su Cha was blinking her eyes and looking at him softly when she said that.

    At that moment, Bo Muyi felt that it surprisingly soothed him.

    Not only had he relaxed, but his heart was also blooming with joy.

    As if he was coaxed, Bo Muyi said immediately, “No more, no next time.”

    You have to call me every day.

    Bo Muyi kept the words to himself and did not say it out as it seemed too greedy.

    Since Su Cha had already said that she would call him, it would seem bad if he mentioned it again.

    “I’m going to eat now. Muyi, have you eaten? Go and eat now if you still haven’t had your meal. Don’t starve yourself.”

    Bo Muyi answered obediently to Su Cha’s gentle reminder, “Okay.”

    Then, Su Cha hung up happily.

    Bo Muyi looked gently at the phone number that ended the call just now. Then, he dialed the private line on his phone. His voice had returned to his usual assertive and cold tone. “Order meal for me.”

    After a slight pause of half a second, the person on the other side of the phone immediately replied respectfully, “Alright, young master!”