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Chapter 21

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 21: It’s Awful, Take It Out!

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    “What a miracle!”

    Bai Kun was Bo Muyi’s personal assistant and shadow guard. After answering the call, he shook a bodyguard in a black suit, who was standing beside him, in excitement. “Young master actually wants to have his meal during working hours! Didn’t we just send in the proposal for the third engineering project? He has settled it so fast? I was just going to ask him to eat first before settling the proposal, but I dared not ask the question to his face. However, he’s actually asking for a meal now!”

    The bodyguard in black suit remained an indifferent expression. He was very anxious to slap Bai Kun away. He scowled, “Hurry up and go then! Aren’t you afraid that young master will eat you up if you starve him?”

    There was no doubt that he might actually do that.

    Bai Kun’s expression changed as he realized the situation. He quickly asked the others to order food.

    They knew very well what Bo Muyi usually ate. After they bought the food, some service crew members entered the office and put the delicious dishes on top of the dining table.

    Bo Muyi stood up behind his office desk and walked toward his personal dining table. He was tall and slender. After he sat down, he frowned when he saw the table full of delicious dishes.

    Bai Kun was standing at the side, waiting for Bo Muyi’s order. His heart trembled at Bo Muyi’s frown. “Is there anything wrong, young master? These are the dishes that you usually eat. They don’t suit your taste today, is it?”

    Before Bo Muyi said anything, his mobile phone suddenly vibrated.

    Bai Kun could not help but look toward Bo Muyi’s vibrating phone, then he quickly withdrew his gaze.

    He could not clearly see the content, all he knew was that it was a short message.

    Nonetheless, their young master’s face immediately lit up after reading the message. “Change it, I want to eat mushroom chicken rice.”

    Bai Kun was left in confusion.

    Is he deaf?

    What the hell is going on?

    However, the young master would not allow any questions to be asked. Even though Bai Kun had doubts in mind, he still needed to deliver the order.

    The short message was sent by Su Cha to Bo Muyi. Su Cha told him that she was eating mushroom chicken rice.

    Of course, Bo Muyi wanted to eat the same dish once he saw what Su Cha was eating.

    Before Bo Muyi finished typing, Su Cha’s sent him another message.

    Su Cha: It’s really awful!

    Bo Muyi was speechless.

    His face turned gloomy but he immediately smiled helplessly. Looking at Su Cha’s remark name on his phone, he pursed his lips and moved his fingers, changing the name to Baby Cha.

    At the same time, he replied to her message.

    Bo Muyi: Don’t eat it since it’s not delicious. Change to other food.

    Looking at the new remark name, Bo Muyi’s heart was full of sweetness. He felt an indescribable satisfaction and joy.

    He leaned back on the chair and relaxed, like a noble emperor giving out elegant and powerful aura no matter what his posture was.

    In fact, one could actually feel a hint of friendliness from this arrogant emperor because of that smile.

    Bai Kun did not know how much time had passed before he came in again. The smile disappeared immediately as soon as he entered the room, it was so fast that Bai Kun thought he had a blurred vision.

    Is the young master possessed by an evil spirit?

    Bai Kun did not dare to say it out loud. Someone was trailing behind him, holding a tray with a porcelain white bowl on it.

    Bai Kun entered with a smile on his face. “Young master, here’s the mushroom chicken rice you said…”

    “It’s awful! Take it out!”

    The man who was exceptionally vigorous in work waved his arm with a cold expression on his face. He never had the least thought that he was suspected to be messing around with others by acting in this way.

    If it were not for Bai Kun who had already gotten used to Bo Muyi’s style, the latter would probably be scolded by someone right now.

    Though honestly, Bai Kun was secretly scolding him in his heart as well.