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Chapter 22

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 22: You Don’t Deserve To Call Me The Name!

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    Perhaps Su Cha had become picky with food after all the exquisite dishes in ancient times, so the food from the restaurant beside the street was really scarcely edible for her, just like the mushroom chicken rice she ate at noon.

    Nonetheless, the food gave her some familiar and nostalgic feelings.

    She still remembered that she often came here to eat back then.

    She sent a message to Bo Muyi and smiled when she saw his reply. She could imagine the face of Bo Muyi furrowing his brow while thinking of what she was going to eat.

    Su Cha went home after she barely finished her lunch.

    Just because she spent one morning to prepare everything did not mean that everything was fine already.

    Su Cha recalled that she was still a student in the senior year.

    She had attained legal adulthood not long ago, otherwise, Bo Muyi would have had laid his hands on an underage teen.

    Not only was it her senior year, but she would also be having her national college entrance exam next month, which would be on the eighth of next month!

    In her past life, she was locked up by Di Yao. Thus, she did not manage to enter the entertainment industry, nor did she take the national college entrance exam.

    Su Cha was well aware of the importance of learning. It was not only for the purpose of entering the entertainment industry, but she also needed the knowledge to improve herself. Furthermore, reading was good for every individual in many ways.

    Her school was an ordinary local high school and the enrollment rate to university was just average. There were classes with good grades and also classes with poor grades, Su Cha was in the class with average grades.

    Truth be told, her previous results were good, but she did not have enough time to study after she met Di Yao as she needed to work and entertain him. It was inevitable that her grades went down after that.

    Now that she thought about it, she finally realized that she had wasted so much on this fellow…

    “Su Cha!”

    Bang! All of a sudden, an angry voice could be heard outside the door. Di Yao wore a grey plaid shirt. He walked into the room and fixed his eyes on Su Cha.

    He was swollen with rage and had an almost ferocious look, gnashing his teeth in anger and said, “You want to break up with me?”

    He was pointing at Su Cha with his fingers and Su Cha frowned slightly at the sight of this.

    If I’m not rational enough, I would have almost shouted ‘presumptuous!’ at him.

    The effects of being an Empress Dowager for far too long.

    Who would dare to point at me in ancient times? Only those who long for death.

    Su Cha took on a cold expression. Before she opened her mouth, she saw a pretty girl making her way into the room, it was Sang Shishi.

    She had a long and straight black hair with perfect fringe. She was wearing a light blue dress with delicate makeup on her face. Her face was quite attractive, at least she was the kind of beauty that people would want to take another glimpse at her when she was walking on the street.

    She walked into the room, tagging along behind Di Yao. There was a hint of cautiousness and fear in her eyes when she looked at Su Cha.

    Su Cha became impatient when she saw her expression. I have never even hit her before, why is she acting like she’s frightened?

    Sang Shishi said softly when she saw Su Cha gazing at her, “Cha Cha, I… I’m just coming along to see what’s going on.”

    Su Cha squinted and glared at her. “What did you call me?”

    Sang Shishi was shocked that Su Cha suddenly turned on her. “Cha…cha?”

    “You don’t deserve to call me the name! Shut your mouth!”

    Su Cha’s voice was so gloomy and cold, sending shudders down Sang Shishi’s spine.

    Sang Shishi was clueless about why Su Cha was yelling at her. She felt wronged and hid behind Di Yao. “Su Cha, what are you talking about? Am I not your best friend? Why can’t I call you…”

    Di Yao stared at Su Cha with an unbelievable look on his face. “Su Cha, have you gone mad?”