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Chapter 23

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 23: The Difference Could Readily Be Seen At One Glance

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    Su Cha was satisfied that the girl knew exactly how to behave and changed the way she called Su Cha.

    She relaxed and looked lazily at the shameless couple in front of her. “You’ve nothing to do with it even if I’ve gone mad. Did I not make myself clear enough in the message? Or perhaps you’re illiterate? Why do you need to purposely come and ask me face to face?”

    Di Yao was enraged when he heard what she said. “I didn’t do anything to hurt you, why do you want to break up?”

    A thought came into his mind upon saying that. “I haven’t even asked you yet, who’s the person that came back with you last night?”

    Su Cha mocked him immediately, “Didn’t you admit that it was you?”

    Di Yao could feel the fury stuck inside him, yet all he could do was to hold his anger.

    Owing to the fact that he knew it was another person and he could not deny it.

    Sang Shishi’s mind was struck by something after listening to their argument. She looked at Su Cha as though she was in shock. “Su Cha, didn’t someone else come and bring you home last night? Wasn’t that Di Yao?”

    Di Yao was initially holding back his rage, but he was inflamed by what Sang Shishi said.

    Of course, he would not take his anger out on Sang Shishi. All he would do was to blame it on Su Cha who made him a cuckold.

    Although it was indeed the truth.

    “Why wouldn’t it be Di Yao?” Su Cha swept her eyes over the room and landed on this noisy girl. “Di Yao has admitted that it was him, yet you’re still saying that it wasn’t Di Yao. What are you up to?”

    Sang Shishi was panicked at Su Cha’s words and quickly shook her hands. She turned to Di Yao with an innocent look on her face. “I… I just simply said, I’ve no idea as well. Di Yao was the one who sent you home last night, right?”

    Then, she lowered her head and clenched her fists tightly. She knew very well that it was not Di Yao, but she did not understand why Di Yao admitted it.

    Su Cha did not miss Sang Shishi’s petty action. She curved her lips into a smile as she could tell what the girl was thinking by simply observing her action.

    Even Di Yao felt unhappy because of Sang Shishi’s repeated reminder. “Shishi, let me talk to Su Cha.”

    Sang Shishi quickly nodded her head in a careful manner, but her eyes showed hatred and scorn.

    When she accidentally met Su Cha’s eyes, she saw the immense coldness in her eyes, so immense that it looked like a cube of unbreakable ice. One would think he had fallen into ice cellar by taking a look at her. All of a sudden, Sang Shishi could feel a cold that sent shivers running down her spine. She was startled and hurriedly withdrew her gaze.

    Di Yao was still arguing with Su Cha. “Su Cha, tell me exactly what is going on? I won’t agree to break up with you, we are still good together.”

    Looking at her expressionless face, Di Yao somehow realized that he was being quite provocative. He quickly calmed his attitude and lowered his voice. “I’m sorry, Su Cha. I think there may be some misunderstanding between us? Are you mad at me? It’s my fault for rushing out this morning.”

    He was quite good looking after all. He looked rather intriguing when he talked softly as he had a deep voice and good looking face.

    No wonder Sang Shishi would fall for him.

    However, Bo Muyi’s face suddenly popped up in Su Cha’s mind when she stared at Di Yao. Bo Muyi’s face was so perfect like a gracious gift from God, handsome and devilish. Di Yao had nothing that could be comparable to Bo Muyi.

    The difference could readily be seen at one glance. Su Cha looked at Di Yao with her eyes full of despise.

    Even without Bo Muyi, she would never fall for someone like Di Yao after experiencing the prosperous world in ancient times.