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Chapter 24

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 24: Are You Going To Pay It Back, Or Not?

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    Di Yao was irritated by the expression in Su Cha’s eyes, he suddenly lost control and said, “Are you really cheating on me? Have you fallen in love with that man?”

    This was the first time he admitted Bo Muyi’s existence.

    Even though he only met Bo Muyi once.

    He could not describe the tremendous amount of pressure that the man had brought to him. Even a mere glance from the man could make him freeze from head to toe. He was worried at first. However, as he discovered that Su Cha had always liked him and was very afraid of the man, he could not help but feel great about himself.

    So what if he’s so superior?

    So what if he’s more outstanding than me?

    I’m the one that Su Cha has fallen for, not him!

    He could treat Su Cha the same way he treated a dog and he had her to be his beck and call. Meanwhile, Su Cha was trying hard to steer clear of the man instead.

    However, judging from the current expression in Su Cha’s eyes, she was clearly reminding him that his initial thought had become a joke.

    The only thing he could think about now was that the man was probably the one who brought Su Cha home last night.

    He must have laid his hands on Su Cha. They merely spent a night together and Su Cha has already turned against him ruthlessly. Is that man really so great in bed?

    Besides, even I myself have never kissed Su Cha before! But the man beat me to it!

    Di Yao was furious, feeling as though someone had encroached upon something valuable to him. His eyes burned red in fury. He did not even care about the fact that Su Cha did not answer his question. He pounced at her, seemingly trying to grab Su Cha. “You’ve fallen in love with him, aren’t you? You’re such a whore!”

    Sang Shishi who was standing next to him was taken aback when he suddenly turned hostile.

    Su Cha gently turned to one side and evaded Di Yao’s attack. Seeing his anger, she sneered at him, “I’m such a whore? Do you really think I know nothing about the relationship between you and Sang Shishi?”

    Sang Shishi was extremely dumbfounded by Su Cha’s words. Even Di Yao was caught off guard by her words, he stopped abruptly and did not attempt to grab Su Cha anymore. Then, he said anxiously, “Don’t talk nonsense, there’s nothing between Shishi and me. You’re just trying to slander us to acquit yourself! You’re cheating on me behind my back…”

    “Whatever.” Su Cha became impatient. “If you want to assume that I’ve cheated on you, that’s fine for me. We’ve already broken up anyway. When will you return the 10,000 yuan that you owe me?”

    While she was saying that, she slowly retreated to the place where she put her newly-purchased sewing machine. There was a one-meter-long slender and square sticks on the sewing machine.

    It was probably torn down from an item of certain furniture. She saw it while she was cleaning the house just now. Since it was quite weighty, she wiped it with a paper and put it on the sewing machine. Su Cha slowly took hold of it without letting Di Yao and Sang Shishi notice about it.

    Di Yao had long been distracted by Su Cha’s sudden sentence. “What? When did I owe you money?”

    His expression changed in an instant and he immediately denied, “I don’t owe you money!”

    “You don’t know how much money you’ve borrowed from me but I’ve figured out the amount for you. It’s a total of 10,000 dollars. Are you going to pay it back, or not?”

    Su Cha’s tone was a bit different when she talked about that but Di Yao did not notice it.

    He thought it was totally ludicrous, it was even more ridiculous that Su Cha talked about money instead of breaking up. “Su Cha, I see you’ve clearly gone mad! How is it possible that I owe you money? That money was given to me voluntarily!”

    As his words settled in the air, Su Cha suddenly waved her hand violently and quickly, hitting Di Yao on his shin. The stick in her hand was moving so fast that only its afterimage registered with their eyes.



    A heartbreaking scream from the man resounded through the house.