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Chapter 25

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 25: Signature

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    Sang Shishi screamed out loud, as she did not expect that to happen.

    Like a lunatic, Su Cha raised her stick and attacked.

    The stick appeared to be made of wood, not steel, yet Zhai Yao could still feel an agonizing pain tearing through his entire body when his leg suffered a hit.

    Zhai Yao’s face turned ghastly pale as he emitted a horrible shriek. Fine drops of cold sweat appeared on his forehead. He could feel a sharp pain in his bones, and the pain was so unbearable that he crumpled to the ground.

    Sang Shishi was struck dumb with fear.

    Looking at Su Cha at this moment, her usually beautiful and gentle face was gone. Instead, there was a bone-chilling ferocity in her eyes. “I did it voluntarily? Do you have the guts to repeat that I did it willingly? You made such a grand promise when you wanted to borrow that sum from me. Now that I want you to pay it back, you pretend to have no idea about it.”

    The ferocity in her eyes was so apparent, yet her tone was getting softer and softer. She walked over to Zhai Yao, who was lying on the ground with a pale face, and crouched down slowly. “Zhai Yao, which is more important to you? Your leg or your money? I’ll break your leg if you don’t pay me back! ”

    The coldness in her eyes was so vivid that it seeped through his marrow. Even though Zhai Yao was a man, he was completely terrified of her. Moreover, Su Cha was completely merciless when she attacked him. She might not have much strength now, but it was not a laughing matter to be beaten up by a solid wooden stick.

    Zhai Yao scrambled back, trembling, and said, “Su… Cha, you’re crazy… you’re crazy!!!”

    Sang Shishi finally came back to her senses. However, she did not dare to approach Su cha, wary of the wooden stick in her hand. She had no choice but to scream, “Su Cha, you’re crazy! We will call the police!”

    “Yell at me again if you dare!”

    Su Cha pointed at Sang Shishi with the stick, as her screaming was giving Su Cha a headache. As if she was choked, Sang Shishi stopped screaming immediately. Her whole body was trembling like a leaf, which was actually a funny scene to behold.

    After all, the only thing she knew were petty tricks. Therefore, she would definitely be too much of a coward to fight back against Su Cha, especially after seeing how the other girl could beat up people without compassion whatsoever.

    She and Zhai Yao were both horrified. Right now, Su Cha was holding a wooden stick like a demon. Even the smile on her face sent chills down their spines. “This blow is just a lesson for you. Zhai Yao, I’ll ask you again now, are you going to pay me back or not?”

    “I …” Zhai Yao’s body was trembling. Just when he was about to speak, he saw Su Cha raising the stick in her hand.

    “I’ll pay you back! I’ll pay you back!”

    He screamed in pain. Due to the severe pain in his leg, he could not even stand up, let alone grabbing the stick in Su Cha’s hand.

    He usually acted like a macho guy when playing basketball, but he was actually quite a useless man. Su Cha could easily take control of the situation.

    A trace of regret appeared in Su Cha’s eyes.

    If Zhai Yao had insisted on not paying, she could continue to hit him.

    She had no idea why she found it so liberating to beat up Zhai Yao.

    She stood up, holding the stick firmly in her hand as her expression returned to a frosty look. Then, she retrieved a pen and a piece of paper from the side and wrote an IOU form of 10,000 yuan with neat and tidy handwriting, in addition to a timestamp in bold letters. It was not up to Zhai Yao to deny it.

    She threw it at Zhai Yao’s feet, looked down at him condescendingly and ordered, “Put your signature on it.”

    Zhai Yao felt a sense of humiliation take root in his heart.

    His original intention was to clear things up with Su Cha, but never had he expected that he would end up like this. At first, he wanted to resist her demand, but he decided against that action when he saw the wooden stick in Su Cha’s hand. The thought of the way Su Cha hit him without mercy just now was terrifying.

    He then picked up the pen and signed the form with trembling hands.