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Chapter 26

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 26: Preparations

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    His leg was still in pain. He had no idea how hard Su Cha hit him, but the pain was intense.

    He could not even stand up, let alone fighting back against Su Cha.

    Sang Shishi was watching right next to him, and dared not utter a word.

    Right now, Su Cha was no longer the meek and obedient girl that she was. In fact, to the couple on the floor, she might as well be doom incarnated.

    How did she turn into this in just one night?

    Sang Shishi almost burst into tears.

    Holding the IOU form that was signed by Zhai Yao, Su Cha tucked it away in a leisurely manner. “I’ll give you three days. Just wait and see what will happen to you if you don’t pay me back within three days. Let me tell you, since I dared to clobber you today, then I’m sure that you know I’m not afraid of you calling the police. Also, don’t even try to pay off someone to take revenge on me. Otherwise, I promise that you will end up 10 times worse than now.”

    Her lips curled up slightly, while her eyes curved up into crescent moons when she smiled. She was supposed to look pretty, but at this moment, she looked like a malicious demon threatening death in case of disobedience.

    She pointed at Sang Shishi and said concisely, “Take him and get out.”

    Sang Shishi’s body began shaking again as she helped Zhai Yao to his feet, her face pale as snow. For a moment, she felt like she was unable to keep her balance.

    She felt oppressed by Su Cha’s overbearing aura, which made it hard for her to breathe.

    Zhai Yao felt shameful and distressed upon being supported by Sang Shishi. Sang Shishi exerted great effort in supporting Zhai Yao, who could barely stand on his uninjured leg. For every step he took, Zhai Yao could feel his leg cramping up in pain.

    He gritted his teeth, yet did not dare to turn back. He only wished to leave quickly.

    This woman, she must’ve gone mad!

    “Zhai Yao.”

    Out of the blue, Su Cha opened her mouth again, and Zhai Yao instinctively stiffened at the sound of her voice.

    He dared not utter a word. Nonetheless, he heard a chuckle behind him. “Tell Lian Chi that I’ll get back to him sooner or later, tell him not to worry about it.”

    Zhai Yao’s body began shaking terribly, as if he had thought of something terrible. He immediately pulled Sang Shishi by her arm and said, “Let’s go… Shishi… Hurry up.”

    Sang Shishi was afraid and puzzled at the same time. It was the first time that she heard of the name of Lian Chi. Why do I feel that Zhai Yao is even more afraid than before?

    “Leave the key behind.”

    Su Cha uttered another sentence. Gritting his teeth, Zhai Yao immediately took out the key in his pocket and tossed it onto the ground.

    It was the key to Su Cha’s room. Otherwise, he would not have been able to let himself in so easily several times.

    Su Cha let out a sneer after they left.

    That hit just now was not a lucky hit. She had deliberately targeted a pressure point on his leg.

    Therefore, a hit from the stick was more than enough to take away Zhai Yao’s ability to stand for a whole hour. It would continue to swell for a few days. That was the reason why he crumpled after just one blow, as without that deliberate action on Su Cha’s part, Zhai Yao would not have been taken down so easily.

    However, the only skill that remained in her was muscle memory. She must train herself more in order to develop a strong physique, like what she had in the ancient times.

    Zhai Yao was a cunning man. He would never let her go easily like this, especially not after he was humiliated in such a way. He had connections with the gangsters in the local community, so it was highly possible that he would seek revenge.

    Su Cha had warned him against it, but she would not stop Zhai Yao if he wished to look for death.

    Su Cha felt happier after getting the IOU form, as she would be able to get back her money. As she turned around, she caught sight of her sewing machine and sat down in front of it.

    Embroidery was not easy. She had to make some preparations before starting.