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Chapter 27

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 27: His Car

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    Generally speaking, a good embroiderer should also be a designer.

    Many embroidery patterns must first be drawn out before they were embroidered according to the pattern, and then the embroiderer would make a base on the fabric.

    This was not a big deal for Su Cha, as she used to embroider a lot of handicraft works in ancient times. Besides, she was quite talented in this field.

    The fabric was just simple white cotton, which had to be cut and sewn by herself.

    Su Cha looked at the plain white T-shirt she was wearing as an idea blossomed in her mind.

    She could not produce outfits that were too complicated right now, due to incomplete tools. However, it was not a problem for her to lay down the design on a simple white T-shirt.

    She pondered for a while before she finally decided to draw a kingfisher.

    A kingfisher was considered a relatively simple embroidery pattern, which made it a fairly common design. She cut out the appropriate length of white cotton and sketched in the outline. She only managed to embroider the kingfisher’s head in one afternoon.

    If there was a camera recording her, they could see her slender fingers moving in a blur, as though she was performing magic. The thin needle and thread was moving between the tips of her fingers. It looked more like a dance than embroidery.

    Her speed was dazzling.

    The kingfisher looked like it was of no difference from ordinary birds. However, it appeared lifelike on the cloth, even though it was just a head.

    The kingfisher’s mouth was open, as if it was tweeting. Su Cha used black threads as the main color, while other colors were added to create the effect of a fading transition, giving a more lively feeling.

    The effect was not so good because it was just on ordinary white cotton. If it was on pure silk clothing, the effect would definitely be much better.

    After spending so much time on the embroidery, Su Cha was finally satisfied with the result.

    As expected, she had inherited her memories from the ancient times, and clearly remembered how to do Tang-style embroidery.

    Su Cha was very pleased with the result. She glanced at the clock, noticing the stiffness of her neck when she moved her head.

    She had been doing embroidery for the whole afternoon, so it was inevitable that she felt exhausted.

    The sky was gradually getting dark at six o’clock, because it was May. Su Cha lifted her head to look at the sky outside the window, and decided to go out for a meal.

    There was a cooking pot in her room, but her cooking skill had never been good, especially not after decades had passed since she last made a dish. Although she still had the memories of her first life, she found certain aspects of modern life to be dauntingly unfamiliar.

    Cooking was one of them.

    How could I remember how to cook!

    Shu Cha decided to go out for a meal.

    There was actually nothing delicious she could find on the street. She did not have a lot of money to spend either, so she just went for some fast food.

    The taste of the food was not important now, as long as it was enough to fill her belly.

    On her way home, she dropped by the supermarket as she thought of something she lacked. When she was done with her purchases, it was already half past seven.

    She lived in an ordinary civilian building, not a gated community. It was a place where anyone could enter.

    Therefore, Su Cha was surprised when she saw an extremely rare luxury car parked under the building.

    Even Su Cha, who had not seen the car before, could tell the extraordinariness of the car. Not to mention the fact that Bo Muyi had left with this car in the morning.

    A smile appeared on Su Cha’s face as she thought about Bo Muyi. She walked over and peeked inside the car. However, the person she saw was an unfamiliar man in black, who had delicate facial features. He was holding a cigarette in his hand, and was about to get off the car to smoke.

    His cigarette almost fell to the ground when he saw her. He then stuttered, “Su … Miss Su, why are you here?”

    Su Cha was shocked as she asked, “Do you know me?”

    She was pretty sure that she had never seen this person before.