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Chapter 28

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 28: Staring With Fixed eyes

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    Bai Kun paused slightly before glancing upstairs at the floor where Su Cha lived. “Young master just went up.”

    Su Cha came to a sudden realization. She stared at Bai Kun and asked, “Are you his driver?”

    Bai Kun’s lips lifted up into a fake smile. “You can say so.”

    To be honest, he did not really have a good impression of Su Cha.

    Su Cha did not know him, but as Bo Muyi’s personal assistant, he had already conducted a thorough investigation about Su Cha. He knew exactly how she reacted after being romantically pursued by his young master for so long.

    Although it’s not a good thing to court someone who’s already taken, but this girl is truly blind.

    My young master is charming, fit and rich! Is she incapable of logic? Why did she fall in love with such a useless thing instead?

    That useless fellow is cheating on her with someone else out there, yet she’s afraid of my young master.

    Bai Kun knew that the young master had been infuriated several times because of this matter, but he could not show his anger. Indeed, his subordinates were always the ones who suffered the consequences of his anger.

    Most importantly, young master seemed to be out of his mind too, always refusing to give up on Su Cha.

    He would get angry every time he tried to get closer to her.

    However, when she called young master last night after she was drunk, young master left his business meeting right away, and picked her up without a single complaint.

    Bai Kun was wondering what kind of love potion did Su Cha imbibe the young master with.

    However, when he came back this morning, the expression on young master’s face was a miracle for Bai Kun. The young master’s face is actually radiating happiness?

    After that, he left upon receiving a call. When he returned, he was so happy to announce that Su Cha had officially become his girlfriend.

    Bai Kun immediately sensed that there was something fishy about it. He knew exactly how Su Cha used to react to his young master’s advances. Why would she suddenly change her mind?

    Nonetheless, even if Bai Kun sensed something unusual, he did not dare to ask. He knew the temper of his young master very well, and he was really a difficult man to deal with. Asking him those questions was tantamount to looking for death.

    Bo Muyi had insisted on coming to see Su Cha right after work today, without giving her a call. Just when he went upstairs to look for her, Bai Kun saw Su Cha returning from outside.

    He dared not even imagine Bo Muyi’s anger when he could not find Su Cha upstairs.

    Su Cha could sense that this driver did not have a good impression of her. Ever since she became the Empress Dowager, she had developed the skill of reading people’s feelings. She politely curled up the corners of her lips and asked, “Where’s Muyi?”

    The casual way she called his young master’s name sounded strange to Bai Kun. Although Bai Kun was a little confused that she called the young master’s name in such a natural and intimate manner, he immediately replied, “He went upstairs to look for you as he thought that you’re at home.”

    Su Cha was stunned for a while and smiled helplessly. “Why didn’t he give me a call before coming?”

    Upon saying that, she turned around and walked upstairs.

    However, after taking just two steps, she saw Bo Muyi walking downstairs with a thunderous expression on his face.

    The man in the black windbreaker had a gloomy look, his body tall and slender, emitting a blood-thirsty aura as though nobody was allowed to approach him. Although he was so attractive that he outshone everyone else, he looked as if he wished to eat someone up right now. People were trembling with fear at the sight of him, and no one had the courage to approach him at all.

    However, Su Cha’s eyes beamed and she called out, “Muyi!”

    She quickly trotted over to Bo Muyi.

    The man had a cold look on his face, but his eyes brightened up immediately when he saw Su Cha. Before he could put on a smile, he was shocked to see Su Cha running toward him, jumping up and putting her legs around his waist. He was thrown into confusion, and immediately put his arms around her to support her.

    Bai Kun stared at them with wide eyes.