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Chapter 29

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 29: Pungent Smell

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    It was as if his worldview had collapsed overnight.

    Wasn’t she… really afraid of him?

    She ran toward him in such excitement, as though she saw her lover!

    And the bright expression on young master’s face…

    Doesn’t he feel sorry for us subordinates who usually live in fear while working cautiously for him!?

    Wisely, Bai Kun kept all the complaints to himself, along with his blood and tears.

    After knocking on the door, Bo Muyi was unhappy when he found out that Su Cha was not around.

    He did not know where Su Cha had went. He wanted to call Su Cha, but he did not dial the phone due to the hesitation in his heart.

    However, when he went downstairs, he saw Su Cha, who was just coming back from outside. She had even taken the initiative to pounce on him and jumped into his arms.

    He could smell the delicate fragrance on the girl’s body, giving him a sense of tranquility and calmness.

    All his gloom and unhappiness faded away in an instant. The corners of his lips curled up unconsciously. His voice revealed a little softness as he murmured, “Cha Cha…”


    Su Cha buried her face in his shoulder. She felt secure around him, especially when she was surrounded by his scent. Bo Muyi supported her hips to prevent her from falling off, and she was still carrying her purchases in her hands.

    She was like a koala hanging on to Bo Muyi. Many people around them had stopped to gawk at the scene where the well-built, tall man was holding the girl.

    There were many different types of people staying here, and they were staring at them with strange looks in their eyes.

    They were amazed when they saw Bo Muyi’s face. Some people kept the surprise in their hearts, but the women passing by looked at Su Cha with envy and jealousy clearly written on their faces.

    Bo Muyi did not care about what other people thought at all. As long as Su Cha was with him, everything would be fine.

    Bo Muyi carefully rubbed Su Cha’s hair with his cheek and asked softly, “Did you go out to eat just now?”


    Her soft voice sounded like she was trying to endear herself to him. “Let’s go up then? Can you carry me up?”


    Bo Muyi agreed promptly, and proceeded to walk up the stairs with Su Cha in his arms.

    Su Cha instantly burst into laughter while wrapping her hands around his neck. On the other hand, Bai Kun watched helplessly as his young master carried Su Cha away.

    They’re still in broad daylight. Shouldn’t they pay attention to their surroundings?

    Are you guys not going to pay attention to the aunties around you?

    He could feel his soul leaving his body. If he had not witnessed it with his own eyes, he would never believe that his young master would ever show such a gentle expression on his face.

    Su Cha… This Sister Su must be a witch, right?

    Or maybe she cast a spell on young master!

    Su Cha lived on the second floor, so it was not very high up. Soon, they arrived at the door. Su Cha giggled and jumped down, away from his embrace. She then took out her key to open the door. There was a moment where disappointment flashed through Bo Muyi’s eyes.

    He really hoped that he could keep carrying Cha Cha in his arms.

    Why is the building so low?

    She went in to put away her stuff, while Bo Muyi followed her in. He looked around the place and suddenly took a sniff. Then, he frowned and said, “Cha Cha, did someone else come around?”

    He covered up his nose upon saying that, as if he smelled a very pungent odor.

    Su Cha turned around and answered, “Yes, someone came around recently.”

    Bo Muyi’s expression turned dark in an instant. He clenched his fingers and pursed his lips. He then spat out a few words, “It’s a horrible smell…”

    Su Cha did not understand at first, but she came to the realization very soon.

    Only Zhai Yao and Sang Shishi came today. Bo Muyi should have known about Zhai Yao since he came to her place quite often. But the pungent smell he said…

    Was it the perfume on Sang Shishi?