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Chapter 30

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 30: Unwilling To Leave

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    Upon remembering that fact, Su Cha had to suppress her amusement. “Don’t worry. No one will come over again in the future.”

    She did not mention what had she done to Zhai Yao today. When she walked into her small bedroom, Bo Muyi followed along. Then, his eyes fell on the sewing machine that she had placed in the bedroom.

    A hint of puzzlement flashed through his eyes as he asked, “Chacha, why do you want to learn this so suddenly?”

    Right after that question, he saw Su Cha’s semi-finished product on the table.

    It was the head of a kingfisher.

    A strange emotion flitted across his eyes when he saw it.

    He picked it up gently and brushed his fingers over it carefully. Su Cha looked over and smiled, “Yeah, I just learned how to do it.”

    She did not elaborate, but that was enough.

    Bo Muyi was not too concerned about this. A smile appeared on his face, and his stunning visage seemed to eclipse everything in the world when he praised her, “My Cha Cha is so talented.”

    Su Cha set down the embroidery and asked him, “Have you eaten yet?”

    Bo Muyi shook his head. He had come to look for Su Cha directly after work.

    Since it took him some time to travel, so he had no time to eat.

    Su Cha frowned suddenly, “How can you not eat?”

    But when she thought of her non-existent cooking skills, Su Cha was a little embarrassed. “Mu Yi, why don’t you go out for dinner first?”


    Hearing this, Bo Muyi refused without hesitation, yet said, “You should eat with me.”

    “But I have already eaten.”

    Su Cha smiled helplessly, and said, “I have to make some preparations, and I have to go to school tomorrow morning, not to mention the audition in the afternoon. I don’t have much time. Is it okay if you eat on your own?”

    She said this in a persuasive tone, and encircled Bo Muyi’s waist with her arms to make him relax.

    She had to soothe the person in front of her, who was clearly unhappy because she asked him to eat by himself.

    Bo Muyi usually had a volatile personality. Although he could contain it in the presence of Su Cha, however, back then, Su Cha would inadvertently be scared of him when she sensed his unhappiness.

    But now, Su Cha’s heart ached with pity for him, as she knew what this man had done for her.

    His body stiffened and the air surrounding him began to turn gloomy again. His fingertips were trembling slightly, and he was repressing the anxiety rising from the bottom of his heart, just because Su Cha wanted him to eat alone.

    His gaze had always been on Su Cha. His eyes, which usually looked like the starry sky or the tranquil sea, seemed to be caught in the vortex before the storm at this moment, raging and bottomless.

    Seeing his negative expression, Su Cha thought for a moment and suggested, “Ah, why don’t you ask your driver to order food and deliver it up here?”

    Bo Muyi was stunned.

    A short while later, he responded, “Good idea, I’ll ask him to order some food.”

    Actually, he was not very hungry, but since Su Cha wanted him to eat, he would eat.

    It was convenient that he could ask Bai Kun to order food and bring it to them. Bo Muyi’s expression eased again as he would be able to continue staying with her.

    To a certain extent, Bo Muyi was very clingy when it came to Su Cha.

    This clinginess was a paranoia. It was really difficult for an ordinary person to deal with it.

    Su Cha had secretly noted some of Bo Muyi’s special reaction characteristics. She felt that Bo Muyi was not like an ordinary person, so she needed to understand him well, to prevent hurting him.

    Bai Kun, who was waiting downstairs, received a call from Bo Muyi. He was a little surprised to hear that the young master wanted to order food. However, since there were too many shocking things that happened today, Bai Kun grumbled internally and quickly started on the task given by Bo Muyi.