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Chapter 31

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 31: Muyi, Please Do Not Disturb Me While I’m Studying!

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    Su Cha took out her own textbooks and started to do some revision.

    She had just borrowed money from her father, so she did not plan to work during the weekend. The main agenda, for now, was to make full use of her time to study hard.

    There was still a month to go until the national college entrance examination. Su Cha decided to go all out and at least get accepted to a good university, which would give her bonus marks in the entertainment industry.

    As he saw Su Cha taking out her textbooks, Bo Muyi did not want to disturb her.

    At least he knew that Su Cha was about to sit for the college entrance examination.

    There was a small desk next to Su Cha’s bed. She sat there and cracked open her book. It had already been decades, so she should have completely forgotten about the knowledge in the textbook. However, surprisingly, when she skimmed across the key points in the textbook, her mind became clearer; she could understand the knowledge without further explanation. It seemed that her mind was sharper than before.

    And even for the points that were hard for her to understand in the past, after a few extra analyzations, Su Cha found out that she could grasp them immediately.

    For example, mathematical formulas. As long as she took a good look at the examples and practiced it several times on paper, Su Cha found that she could remember how to apply all of them. Thus, all she needed was a firm revision of the formulas.

    Such an ability was crucial in the third and final year of high school.

    Su Cha knew very clearly that it was definitely not the level that she had before. It was obviously an improvement.

    She had also scored well in her first life, but she could not reach the point where she could understand all the key points so quickly.

    Could it be that her previous life had given her such a huge advantage?

    After practicing martial arts, her physical fitness had improved, and her body became even stronger. Has it all been preserved in this life?

    If that was the case, then this advantage given by God was so amazing!

    Bo Muyi had been watching Su Cha quietly by the side. He saw Su Cha occasionally wrinkling her brows when she studied. Sometimes, confusion was expressed, but it quickly changed into enlightenment and realization when she understood the concept. All the changes in her expressions had brought no small amount of amusement to Bo Muyi.

    Being able to look at Su Cha through this perspective, was definitely something he had never thought of before.

    Perhaps he had thought of it before, but never believed that it would become a reality.

    The girl with a white porcelain face was in front of him. She looked so adorable even when she was solving mathematical problems while resting her head on her hand. Bo Muyi could not hold back. He drew close to her, sniffing her scent gently, and kissed her suddenly on the cheek.

    Su Cha felt the gentle and warm peck on her face. She turned to register Bo Muyi’s face, which brightened up her spirits.

    She chuckled and placed both of her hands on Bo Muyi’s shoulders. Then, she leaned over and kissed his thin lips.

    They were too close to each other, and the ambience was too nice to not do it.

    Bo Muyi was a little stunned. He then reacted, turning passiveness into assertiveness. Holding the back of Su Cha’s head, he then deepened the kiss.

    The young girl was not well-versed in the art of kissing. He had already realized it last night. He was not very good at it either, but by following his instincts, his learning ability was better than Su Cha.

    This wonderful taste could easily cause people to be immersed deeply in it, especially when it is those whom they love deeply.

    The wonderful feeling that seeped into the bones was really indescribable and beyond words.

    Even the atmosphere surrounding both of them became intimate.

    It seemed that in certain circumstances, one could not help but follow their instincts. Not only that, Bo Muyi was obviously a bit addicted too. His hands tightened their hold on Su Cha. In the midst of all her emotions, Su Cha could feel that her body was getting softer, and a tingling feeling spread through her body, which made her shudder.

    She immediately got ahold of herself, broke the kiss and slightly moved her head to the side while she hugged Bo Muyi. After calming down, she said, “No, I’m a good student. Right now, I need to study hard. Muyi, don’t hinder me from studying!”

    Spoken like a true goody-two-shoes.