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Chapter 32

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 32: Can I Stay Here?

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    Bo Muyi did not have a good rebuttal for that statement. Instead, he just hugged Su Cha back tightly as he said, “Okay.”

    Whatever Cha Cha said was right.

    The doorbell sounded at just the right time.

    Su Cha patted Bo Muyi’s back and resumed her sitting position to continue her studies.

    She must not be tempted by his beauty.

    Bo Muyi stood up and went to open the door.

    It was most probably Bai Kun.

    As soon as the door opened, it turned out to be exactly Bai Kun. He was holding a packed food container. With a smile on his face, he said, “Master, here’s your meal.”

    Bo Muyi nodded. By this time, he had already recovered his usual indifference. When he reached out to accept the food, he suddenly ordered, “Go back first and pick me up tomorrow morning. I won’t be going back tonight.”

    Bai Kun froze for a moment and nodded immediately. “Yes, sir!”

    The door was then closed in his face.

    The young master is indeed ruthless and ungrateful, ignoring the hand that feeds him.

    Bai Kun sighed in his heart. When he thought of the young master who would sleep here for the night, he felt distressed.

    The young master had already fallen so deeply for her!

    Bo Muyi returned to the bedroom. Then, he slowly and elegantly opened the food container. The food container was large with an exquisite pattern on the outside. He opened it layer by layer, revealing several colorful and fragrant dishes.

    These were all specially made by a famous hotel. Needless to say, the delicious aroma made Su Cha’s nose twitch, as she did her best to resist the temptation.

    Seeing her action, Bo Muyi curved his lips and asked, “Cha Cha, would you like to eat?”

    Su Cha was hesitant. She was not very hungry, but she could not resist it, so she nodded obediently and replied, “Yes!”

    Bai Kun was smart as he had prepared two pairs of chopsticks in the food box. However, Bo Muyi was not about to pass the other pair of chopsticks to Cha Cha. Instead, he used his own chopsticks to pick up a spring roll, and placed it into Su Cha’s mouth.

    Su Cha took a bite. The spring roll was not tiny, as it almost took up her entire mouth when she ate it.

    The way she chewed her food made her look very much like a little chipmunk.

    Bo Muyi’s heart was filled with contentment when he glanced at her. He then started eating with the chopsticks that Su Cha had eaten from.

    He occasionally gave Su Cha a bite or two. Although it was his meal, a large portion of the dishes went into Su Cha’s belly.

    They were so delicious that Su Cha could not resist it.

    She used to live lavishly in ancient times. Although what she ate there was exquisite, some dishes were not available in ancient times. After all, modern dishes had their own highlights.

    When she had finished eating, she asked, “Mu Yi, when are you going back?”

    Bo Muyi paused. In a low tone, he asked, “Cha Cha, can’t I stay here?”

    Su Cha glanced at him. Although she was not against it, but she remembered what happened last night. After all, since it was the first time, she still felt a bit shy. It was just that she did not want to make it seem so obvious. Her voice then became soft, “Yes, but I have to go to school tomorrow morning.”

    Bo Muyi understood her meaning. His smile was a little ambiguous as he lowered his head. He hugged Su Cha’s waist and whispered in her ear, “Cha Cha, don’t worry. I won’t do anything. I just want to cuddle you to sleep. ”

    Her cheeks flushed red and she felt a tad bit embarrassed, especially when Bo Muyi spoke in her ear. It was an irresistible temptation when such words were spoken in a clear yet sultry voice.

    His breath brushed past her ears and spread all over her body, making Su Cha’s body tingle. She touched Bo Muyi’s ears softly and said, “Okay, okay, please go and take a shower first. I will need to study for a while and take a bath before I go to bed.”


    Bo Muyi was also very happy. He was willing to listen to whatever Su Cha said. Therefore, he loosened his embrace around Su Cha and went to take a bath.