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Chapter 33

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 33: Sleeping Together

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    When Bo Muyi went to take his shower, he realized that he did not have a change of clothes. So, he sent a text message to Bai Kun, ordering him to bring over a fresh set of clothes for him to change into.

    After Su Cha finished studying, she got up and went to take a shower.

    When Su Cha came out of the bath, she was wearing her simple beige nightdress. It was suitable as the weather had started to turn hot.

    As she opened the bathroom door, Su Cha exited the bathroom with steam billowing out around her. Her bare snow-white thighs were particularly eye-catching. Even though she had no makeup on, her small face was still attractive, especially since she was currently exuding a more feminine and seductive aura.

    Although she had just washed her hair and it was still in a mess, yet she did not care about her appearance in front of Bo Muyi. She went over to the dresser to blow-dry her damp hair.

    When she switched on the hairdryer, the buzzing wind accompanied her delicate voice as she spoke up, “Muyi, I don’t have a new towel. You can use one of mine instead.”


    Bo Muyi came over and touched Su Cha’s wet hair. Bai Kun had already brought over a set of clothes for him. Although what Su Cha wore was not very attractive, but the view of her fair skin, and the water dripping between the hair strands as it flowed down her seductive curves, was bringing out some urges in Bo Muyi. He gulped and immediately retracted his eyes to suppress those urges. Then, he entered the bathroom.

    Taking a bath in Su Cha’s bathroom seemed to be even more uncomfortable after that. Bo Muyi exited the bathroom half an hour later.

    Su Cha wanted to ask him why had he taken such a long time to bath, but she did not dare to ask.

    Although both of them had been intimate last night, Su Cha still felt like it was a dream when both of them laid down on the same bed.

    Bo Muyi stayed true to his words. He held her in his arms, and gradually fell asleep.

    Because Su Cha was too wrapped up in her plethora of thoughts, hence, she slowly fell asleep long after Bo Muyi had slept.

    During the night, she seemed to have dreamt of many things. In one of her dreams, she seemed to be back in the ancient times.

    She did not reincarnate back to the modern age. Instead, she was still the Empress Dowager, admired by her subjects, and even the emperor was under her control.

    She was admired by thousands of people and worshipped by the world. The respectful words that were uttered from the lips of the people who worshipped her somehow made her whole reincarnation into the modern world seem like a dream.

    When Su Cha opened her eyes, she felt that her heart beating faster than usual.

    She was a little scared that what happened yesterday was just a dream.

    However, when she opened her eyes, she could feel that she was being embraced by someone. It was a feeling of peace that she had not felt for decades.

    She could feel herself lying on a solid chest, listening to the other person’s steady and strong heartbeats, and a pair of strong arms encircling her back.

    “Cha Cha?”

    It seemed as if he felt some movement, hence he opened his mouth. The lazy and husky voice of a man in the morning was simply the deadliest poison, which could drown even a human being.

    Su Cha answered lazily with a “Hmm”. Her voice was sluggish and soft as she asked, “What time is it?”

    She was lying on him, with no intention of moving.

    Bo Muyi reached out and fumbled around until he found the mobile phone on the bedside table. Then, he looked at the time before answering groggily, “It’s half-past six. It’s time to get up, you have to go to school.”

    Su Cha was used to getting up early, so it was not a hard thing for her. When she heard the time reported by Bo Muyi, she heaved a sigh of relief and sat up slowly.

    Her eyes then met a pair of deep eyes that were as light as the blue sea.