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Chapter 34

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 34: Encounter

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    “Good morning, Cha Cha.”

    The man’s face was the most magnificent piece of art created by God. Even though she had just woken up, Su Cha could not help but smile when she saw him. “Mhmm,” she murmured as she dozed off on Bo Muyi for another two or three minutes, before she absolutely had to get up.

    Going to school was her bête noire1.

    Bo Muyi needed to go to work as well, so he got out of bed after Su Cha.

    Outside the window, streaks of daylight were already present as the sky brightened up earlier than usual. Su Cha saw Bo Muyi walking in as she headed to the bathroom to wash up.

    He did not try to avoid Su Cha in the slightest as he entered the bathroom and took off his night robe in front of her. The long and slender fingers that unbuttoned every single button transformed such a mundane action into an affliction full of elegance and superiority. As his half-naked body was revealed, even Su Cha could not help but gasp at Bo Muyi’s perfection.

    Possessing a tall and slender body shape, that perfect eight-pack, and a well-defined Adonis belt that led to a place full of temptation. Even though she was used to seeing all sorts of handsome men in ancient times, Su Cha could not help but agree that Bo Muyi was the most handsome man she had ever laid eyes on.

    While she was brushing her teeth, her gaze always strayed to Bo Muyi’s attractive body. Hey, one had to admire beauty when it is displayed for free.

    Normally, Bo Muyi was quite disciplined. Therefore, even when he saw Su Cha glancing at him multiple times, he merely smirked and changed quickly into his windbreaker, leaving Su Cha a tad bit disappointed.

    Just as he was going to take off his pajama pants, Su Cha left the bathroom immediately.

    After that, she could hear a sexy chuckle emitted from the guy behind her.

    After waiting for her to change into her uniform, Bo Muyi told her, “Su Cha, I will drive you to the location of the audition in the afternoon.”

    Su Cha swiftly agreed, “Sure, I will probably take a leave of absence in the afternoon, and leave at three o’clock. If you happen to have work, then you don’t need to come over. Don’t delay your work.”

    “It’s okay Cha Cha, I consider you more important than work.”

    The man lowered his head and with an air of piousness, left a kiss on her forehead.


    “Good morning Young Master, Miss Su Cha.”

    Seeing that Bo Muyi brought Su Cha to the car, Bai Kun was not surprised at all. After a night of processing what he saw, now he could smile perfectly in front of Su Cha.

    Su Cha was also in a good mood, so she returned the greeting, “Mornin’.”

    The face of the man beside her darkened instantly. His gaze even became even more terrifying, so much so that Bai Kun almost peed himself when he saw it.

    I was just greeting her, do you have to act like this, Young master?

    Su Cha had detected Bo Muyi’s change in mood. She took his palm and said gently, “Muyi, don’t lose your temper.”

    Bo Muyi pressed his lips into a thin line. He did not look happy, but at least he nodded his head in response to Su Cha.

    Bai Kun was suddenly full of admiration for Su Cha again!

    As they neared the school, in order to not let anybody to know that she came to school in a Bentley, as it was too ostentatious, Su Cha got down from the car. She bid farewell under the reluctant gaze of a certain man, and headed in the direction of the school.

    Looking at the school that she had not entered after many decades, a mysterious smile presented itself on Su Cha’s face.

    It was not as if she had no regrets when she left the school. Right now, as she had reincarnated into a new life, no one could stand in her path of achieving her goals.

    When she walked up to the entrance of the school, two girls were watching her step out from a black luxury car. One of them asked in a suspicious tone, “Is that Su Cha…?

    The other girl glanced at Su Cha. One could not find another similar face that was as beautiful as Su Cha’s, so she nodded and said, “It seems so.”

    At that moment, the girl who spoke first squinted.

    1 A person or thing that one particularly dislikes.