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Chapter 35

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 35: Would You Like To Eat An Egg?

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    Su Cha entered the school.

    The school gate had just been opened, and most of the students were entering their own classes one after another. Some students who saw Su Cha took a few more glances and occasionally some would discuss among themselves.

    People who looked beautiful would attract attention anywhere.

    Su Cha was rather well known in the school for her beauty. However, she did not fit in well because of her temperament. The other girls wittingly or unwittingly rejected her from joining them, so Su Cha was not very popular in school.

    Nevertheless, she lived a normal life.

    Not many people knew about her relationship with Di Yao.

    Su Cha was in Class Five of Grade 12, which was an ordinary class.

    Class Five was neither as excellent as Class One and Two, nor as bad as the subsequent classes that were always at the end when it comes to academic grading. The students in Class Five were average.

    Their class teacher was an honest and amiable middle-aged woman who taught them Mandarin language. In short, everything was absolutely common.

    In fact, most people lived a normal life.

    Su Cha had not been in school for decades. She could not even recall where her classroom was.

    Nonetheless, when she saw the white-painted school buildings, the location of her class soon resurfaced. It seemed like as soon as she saw or thought about something, the related memory would come back to her.

    When she entered the class, there were only a few students as not many came at that time.

    Everyone was surprised when they saw Su Cha.

    Su Cha was different from her previous self. Instinctively, everyone could not take their eyes off her.

    Walking from outside into the classroom, her countenance was bright and youthful. Other than her outstanding beauty, her back was straight and her manners weirdly dignified.

    Her footsteps were neither hurried nor sluggish, walking by the corners of the desks. For a moment, the classmates around her felt an indescribable pressure.

    Aura was really something incomprehensible, but when you see someone, you would be able to feel the obvious, indescribable aura that surrounded the person.

    Although Su Cha was beautiful, she stuck to rules, not causing any scenes. Most of her classmates did not have any bad feelings against her, especially the boys.

    However, students nowadays were still euphemistic. A few male classmates glanced at Su Cha several times, but they did not dare to say good morning to her.

    Su Cha sat on her seat. There were many textbooks piled on the table.

    That was the case for high school seniors. They were very pressured as they aimed to do well in academics. Books were stacked so high up on their tables that they could not be seen if they had lowered their heads slightly.

    The tip of Su Cha’s fingers trembled slightly when her fingers caressed the books on the desk.

    She had not come across those for many years and she found herself missing them. The study life that once gave her high levels of stress did not feel boring and tasteless anymore.

    “Su Cha?”

    Su Cha turned her head hearing the voice. A female student, whose looks were ordinary but friendly, peeked at her with a little hesitation and timidity, “I bought an extra egg for breakfast. Other people have already had their breakfast, and I can’t finish it. Would you like to eat an egg?”

    She asked kindly and had no other meaning.

    Su Cha was neither a people person nor an outcast. It was also normal for her classmates to give other people food that they could not finish.

    The female classmate was Cai Ziya. Su Cha did not have a deep impression of her, as they did not keep in touch after graduating from high school. She had no idea what Cai Ziya would become in the future too.

    Su Cha took a look at the warm egg in her classmate’s palm and nodded with a smile, “Sure, thank you.”