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Chapter 36

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 36: What Are You Looking At?

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    As Su Cha was peeling the eggshell, her amiability lessened the pressure Cai Ziya had been feeling.

    Smiling merrily and with a rather low voice, “Su Cha, I think you look prettier than before.”

    “Really?” Su Cha only smiled lightly, the bright smile flashed at Cai Ziya’s eyes.

    The girl sighed, thinking that Su Cha was really beautiful.

    It was not an exaggeration to say that she was the campus belle in their school. Su Cha was too low-key. That was why she was not as fashionable as the anointed campus belle in the next class.

    Cai Ziya actually felt sorry for Su Cha.


    Su Cha split the egg and gave half of it to Cai Ziya. At first, she wanted to say that she was full, but seeing Su Cha’s actions, she did not dare to decline her. Cai Ziya did not understand why that feeling came out so suddenly. In the end, she took the egg portion and ate it.

    The bell soon rang and the rest of the students came in. The classroom was not full as two students were absent. They had most probably taken a leave.

    The class teacher, He Qun, with a plump figure and an everlasting jolly expression on her face, walked in, “How was your holiday? Now that you’ve relaxed during the last holiday before the national college entrance exam1, it is time for everyone to start preparing. There is still one month left. Everyone must work hard to get into your dream university! I always believe and support all of you!”

    It was not sweet-talking, but only a simple goodwill and an ardent hope of a teacher. Su Cha missed all of that so badly.

    Le Anqi, Su Cha’s deskmate, was a rather peculiar person. She was also gorgeous, and her family’s financial status was better than most students in the class. She wore light luxury brands and applied delicate nude makeup.

    However, it seemed that she was not as good as Su Cha from all aspects. That was why this female classmate would usually not talk to Su Cha, only a sentence or two occasionally. Hearing He Qun’s words, she humphed impatiently as she secretly used her cell phone under the table.

    She was using a video player app called “Meiyin Video”. Many well-known socializers or influencers liked to post videos there to gain followers and likes. Some amateurs could also become famous, but most of them had to look attractive. It was the high-speed information era, so such video apps were simply the best way to become an influencer.

    As long as you look good, you would gain lots of likes!

    It was especially popular among young people.

    Le Anqi was rather pretty – she liked the app and also loved shooting videos. However, the effects of beautification, lambency and filters in the videos nowadays were exaggerated. Basically, those add-ons could generally transform a common-looking person to someone good-looking, not to mention the magical makeup tricks.

    There were many charming people on the app, but most of them looked very similar. Generally, they had no distinguishing features of their own. Their faces were simply a test on the public’s ability to spot the difference, which was also the main reason why some influencers were disregarded by the mainstream.

    Le Anqi’s videos were not heavily processed and considering that she already looked pretty, she was rather famous on the app with a few hundred thousand followers.

    Her usual videos garnered much attention and likes. Occasionally, she would find talents among her classmates and produce videos of them, so that her popularity could be maintained.

    Howbeit, she would never ask Su Cha.

    At that moment, she was habitually going through the new comments and views on the video she posted yesterday night. Su Cha unintentionally flashed a glance or two, as it had been a long time since she last saw it. Who knew that Le Anqi turned her head abruptly, her tone irritated, “What are you looking at?”

    National college entrance exam1 – also known as ‘Gaokao’, China’s notoriously tough university entrance exam that lasts for two days.