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Chapter 37

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 37: Seen In The Morning

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    “It was unintentional.”

    Su Cha turned around calmly with indifference.

    She suddenly had an idea as she saw the app, as she could not find a suitable channel to market her embroidery. Weibo was a must, but platforms like Weibo required special recommendations and followers in the beginning before one could succeed. Apps like Meiyin Video, on the other hand, were more lenient.

    What if the embroidery process and the finished product were made into a video?

    Su Cha contemplated on the idea.

    Hearing Su Cha’s words, Le Anqi sneered with disdain.

    In the past, Su Cha’s agreeable personality would prompt Le Anqi to jeer her.

    However, she did not know why looking at this person today alone would intimidate her, so Le Anqi ignored Su Cha and continued going through her videos.

    Le Anqi used to be called Le Anan. Since she felt that the name was too old-school and that she was an influencer, she changed her name to Le Anqi and amended her account name.

    She was able to make money with her influence now. Moreover, she had a well-off family that had prepared everything for her, so Le Anqi was not worried about the national college entrance exam. She was not the same as most of her classmates, as she would enter the entertainment industry in the future.

    Su Cha recalled that Le Anqi would also join the talent show she was going to participate in. She did not know what rank Le Anqi had attained, because her previous days had been so gray and gloomy that she could not pay attention to such things.

    However, it was different now.

    Su Cha went to the office and took a leave from the class teacher after the self-learning session.

    He Qun was a little taken aback, especially when Su Cha told her she was going to participate in a certain show. Su Cha’s attitude was neither haughty nor humble, and she promised that her studies would not be affected. Therefore, although He Qun was a bit surprised, she still reluctantly approved the leave.

    The national college entrance exam was just around the corner and students should make the most of their classes. Su Cha was too carefree.

    However, He Qun also knew that it was a chanceful era. If a student like Su Cha were admitted to a normal university, her future would be plain ordinary. However, since she had her beauty, it was a good decision for her to participate in such shows, given the opportunity.

    He Qun also knew that fame could make a lot of money, as Le Anqi in her class was always so high-profile about her career.

    Although she thought of it too simply, she was concerned for Su Cha and did not stop her. For other teachers, the idea was too far ahead.

    Which teacher would let their students be as the national college entrance exam was soon to come?

    Only He Qun would.

    For a moment Su Cha was grateful that she met a good teacher.

    Nevertheless, she would do her best to get high marks to show her respect for the teacher.

    After taking the leave and returning to class, Su Cha sensed that the atmosphere was rather elusive as compared to that before she went to the office.

    Many students glanced at her with a profound look, even including Le Anqi.

    Many male classmates were even shocked and perplexed with indignation. Some even had dirty thoughts.

    Su Cha ransacked her brain. She had never quarreled with others or made enemies in school. Such gazes obviously meant that something had happened to her. She had just taken a leave, so it was absolutely impossible that others got to know she would be involved in the show.

    She had beaten up Di Yao just yesterday. He could not possibly have taken an act of impulsive revenge on her as his injury had not yet recovered. Besides, there were security guards and teachers around.

    Hence, the only problem now must be – she was seen in the morning when Bo Muyi sent her to school.