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Chapter 38

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 38: Su Cha Went To Her!

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    Her expression remained unchanged as she entered the classroom calmly.

    She was also tall enough with a height of over 1.7 meters at the age of 18 this year. She was considered a tall girl in the class, even beating a few boys to it.

    Now with her back straightened, her aura changed entirely. Even though there were speculations of her, nobody approached or spoke to her.

    Until the bell rang and everyone was seated in their own position, Le Anqi held her chin and said playfully, “Not bad, Su Cha.”

    Su Cha paused.

    She had just sat down in her seat at the moment. As soon as she heard the sentence, she broke into laughter and tilted her head to look directly at Le Anqi, “Le Anqi, how am I not bad now? Tell me, huh?”

    Even though the words were as light as water, it sounded creepy under careful listening.

    Le Anqi met her eyes unexpectedly. The girl’s pupils were deep, pure black and thick like ink. In the depths of such eyes, something terrible seemed to be breaking through the surface.

    But the girl in front of her was clearly grinning.

    Le Anqi could not help but shivered and clenched her arms subconsciously. When she saw the teacher coming in, she whispered, “Yang Nuanru from Class Seven came and said that she saw you coming out of a black car in the morning. She even emphasized that it was a luxury car… They were saying that you have a sugar daddy.”

    Le Anqi was fairly honest. There was no need for her to hide any information as her relationship with Yang Nuanru was just average.

    Hearing that, Su Cha did not even get angry. Instead, she took a glance at the teacher who had started the lecture and suddenly got closer to Le Anqi, “You better keep your story straight and don’t lie to me. I will go to Yang Nuanru during recess. If she claimed that she hadn’t badmouthed me, I’ll come looking for you.”

    Her soft words and light breath began to linger around Le Anqi. Le Anqi felt chills down her spine as if something terrible had its eyes on her. She did not dare to look up for a while and the teacher was also watching the class, so she continued immediately, “No, it was all Yang Nuanru… Many people heard it.”

    Why did she have a feeling that… Su Cha was a bit scary?

    She felt an inexplicable fear and it made her uncomfortable. She used to think that Su Cha’s personality was gentle and looked like a person who was easily bullied by others. Why did she feel completely different now?

    And she still dared to go to Yang Nuanru?

    Yang Nuanru was a well-known girl bully!

    Le Anqi seemed to have fallen into an ice cellar and had to endure the coldness for one period of class.

    Su Cha got up right after class and this action startled Le Anqi.

    Then she saw Su Cha walking out of the classroom, toward the direction of Class Seven without even turning her head back.

    Le Anqi called out and someone beside her asked, “What’s wrong Anqi?”

    Le Anqi’s eyes widened in disbelief, “She went to Yang Nuanru!”

    The classmates were also stunned.

    Indeed, Yang Nuanru came to the class earlier and spread bad rumors about Su Cha. Although the students in the class did not fully believe what she said, they were already judging Su Cha.

    But Yang Nuanru had always been a girl bully who had good relationships with social dregs. Everyone dared not provoke her easily but Su Cha still dared to go head to head with Yang Nuanru?

    Was she not afraid of being beaten up by Yang Nuanru’s group after school?

    Cai Ziya who was next to her stood up, “We have to go get a teacher!”

    Le Anqi glared at her, “Look for a teacher? The teacher will give Yang Nuanru a scolding at most, but you will be beaten to death by Yang Nuanru later on. Do you dare mess with her?”

    Cai Ziya also hesitated after hearing those words. After all, she was just an ordinary student. Everyone was afraid of the unruly girl bullies because anyone would be afraid of getting battered.

    She could not bear it any longer, so she went out of the classroom too, wanting to see what was about to happen.