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Chapter 39

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 39: Yang Nuanru, Could You Come Out For A Moment?

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    The students who were still in the class became noticeably quiet for a while when Su Cha arrived at Class Seven of Grade 12.

    Class Seven was not like other classes. It was a class consisting of students with poor learning and many of them had strong personalities. Basically, most of the notorious students in the school were from Class Seven.

    In the eyes of other students, there were many big brothers and big sisters in Class Seven, and Yang Nuanru was one of the outstanding ones.

    Her looks were okay as she knew how to dress up. She was also socially active among social dregs outside of school. So, many people in school were afraid of her.

    In life, such people are the main initiators of school violence.

    That morning, Yang Nuanru and another female student suddenly came and talked about Su Cha from Class Five. Their words seemed to be indicating that she had a sugar daddy. Su Cha was pretty famous. After all, the boys had been discussing her so much and many of them described her as beautiful, but too bad that she was too honest and slow-witted.

    She was so honest that nobody could bear to harass her.

    Everyone was surprised when they heard what Yang Nuanru said.

    Su Cha has a sugar daddy?

    It cannot be, right?

    However, Yang Nuanru’s speech was well-spoken. She even said that Su Cha got off a luxury car that had an old man in it, although she could not clearly see the person’s face.

    Bo Muyi wanted to beat people up after hearing this.

    Everyone took the news as a morning joke and let it passed. After all, no one really saw what happened. Besides, it was Yang Nuanru and her words would only be 30 percent true.

    But now that Su Cha from Class Seven was here, everyone went silent.

    Su Cha was wearing a simple T-shirt and a pair of jeans. If one were to describe her, she was like a dewy, tender flower that was blooming in the morning and it was indescribably clean.

    If she were to wear these clothes in the past, it would not have earned her any points as she would look ordinary. But now that she was standing tall and straight with a strong aura, her original pretty looks appeared to be more aggressive, which made it hard for people not to focus on her face.

    Even when her clothes were so simple now.

    “Is Yang Nuanru here?”

    Su Cha opened her mouth gently and spoke with a soft tone. Her voice was crisp and silvery.

    That was pure happiness for those with voice fetishes.

    Everyone’s eyes immediately landed on a girl who was sitting in the back row of the classroom.

    There sat a girl with a high ponytail and light makeup on the face. She was wearing an oversized top and mini shorts, which in all made her look like a mature, big sister.

    She paused when she heard Su Cha speaking.

    She and her bestie saw Su Cha coming out from a Bentley car in the morning.

    Su Cha locked her gaze on her instantly. That stare could leave one shuddering with coldness and solitude, but at the same time it appeared calm, “Yang Nuanru, could you come out for a moment? I need to talk to you about something.”

    What she said was so straightforward. A person with such personality as Yang Nuanru could not help but stood up and said, “What’s the matter?”

    Actually, everyone knew why.

    Yang Nuanru went out to spread rumors about Su Cha in the morning. One thing that everyone did not expect was that Su Cha would come to her.

    They never thought anyone in school would have this courage. Who would have dared to trouble Yang Nuanru?

    Some of the girls looked at Su Cha with mocking expressions on their faces. The boys from Class Seven were also waiting to watch a show, whereas the rest was a little worried for Su Cha.

    “Yeah, I’m looking for you. Could you come out and have a talk? Is it inconvenient here?”

    Su Cha smiled gently, looked ever obedient and soft as a kitten as if she was facing Bo Muyi.

    But if one were to look carefully, the killing intent hidden deep within her eyes could definitely be seen.