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Chapter 40

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 40: Can You Afford That Kind Of Car?

    Yang Nuanru looked at the others in the class. Su Cha had already summoned her in the presence of everyone. Would she not be embarrassed if she did not go?

    Although she could feel an inexplicable emptiness in her heart.

    Soon she felt that it must be her own illusion.

    She smiled slightly, “Okay, let’s talk outside.”

    Even if she really talked bad about Su Cha, who knew if it was true?

    And Su Cha even dared to trouble her?

    She got too angry and was only there to debate with her at most. Yang Nuanru was never afraid of these students.

    As she walked out of the classroom, Su Cha instantly turned and walked away. Yang Nuanru paused for a moment before catching up with her from behind.

    The students behind her immediately made a loud noise.

    “Did she really follow?”

    “Su Cha came to trouble Yang Nuanru?”

    “She’s crazy, she even dared to provoke Yang Nuanru!”

    “I don’t see any fault in that, just another victim of her coming to look for her. Was Yang Nuanru spreading rumors this morning?”

    “Do you want to go and see… Yang Nuanru has a bad temper, what if someone gets hurt…”

    “It’s none of your business. We still have teachers around, don’t we?”


    There were many discussions among the students in Class Seven. Cai Ziya followed Su Cha and saw that Su Cha had left with Yang Nuanru. She was feeling anxious in her heart, but she really did not dare to get the teacher.

    She was from an ordinary family and her parents were office workers. How would she have dared to provoke Yang Nuanru and bring herself troubles, especially when the national college entrance exam was just around the corner?

    However, she could not bear with it anymore, so Cai Ziya bit her lips and continued to follow.

    Su Cha and Yang Nuanru arrived at a remote corner of the school together. It was said to be a remote corner in the field because it was between the school’s enclosure and a huge stone, which was the school’s landmark. Besides the hidden terrain, the walls were covered with creepers and vines. It was basically a place for young lovers in school to meet. Classes had resumed at that moment, so it appeared even more secluded.

    Yang Nuanru sneered even more when she saw Su Cha taking her to such a place.

    She thought that Su Cha was really digging her own grave.

    Cai Ziya did not dare to be too close until she saw both Su Cha and Yang Nuanru took a turn to the back of the huge stone, she then came out and tailed them. She hid on the other side of the stone and listened to their conversation.

    “What the hell are you doing?”

    Yang Nuanru was getting impatient. When she was behind the landmark, she placed one foot on the stone wall and held her arms together with her back against the stone wall. She then looked at Su Cha with cold eyes, “Do you think I’m not confident about the thing that happened this morning? I saw you coming out of that car and you are not even from a wealthy family. Can you afford that kind of car?”

    Some students had met Su Cha before when she was out working part-time on weekends, so this was later spread to within the school. However, she had been doing formal odd jobs, so no one commented anything other than Su Cha not having a good family background.

    She preempted, but Su Cha turned her back on her, paused for a moment and turned her head around with a bright smile, “You’re right, of course, I can’t afford it, but that’s my boyfriend’s car. My boyfriend and I are in a proper relationship now, so how could you say such bad words like sugar daddy? Yang Nuanru, do you know that there is a Chinese idiom called ‘careless talk leads to trouble’?”

    Yang Nuanru scoffed as if she had heard a joke, “Your boyfriend? Isn’t your boyfriend Di Yao from Polytechnic University? Do you really think that others did not know about this? Besides, how can I not know the conditions of Di Yao? It would be impossible for him to be able to afford this kind of car.”