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Chapter 41

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 41: I Will Find Someone to Beat You Dead

    Di Yao was also mixed and quite good looking. Yang Nuanru heard of him before and knew that Su Cha was his girlfriend.

    But she did not gossip about this matter.

    The main reason was that the information was pretty much useless.

    Su Cha was startled, then she turned her head and looked at Yang Nuanru unbelievably, “How come you didn’t know that I’ve already broken up with Di Yao? Isn’t it normal to have another boyfriend after that? Ah… This isn’t right, why am I telling you all this nonsense. Yang Nuanru, since you started all these rumors about me, you should be the one responsible to clear things up. If you can’t clear my name, I think you will face bad consequences.”

    “What a joke!”

    Yang Nuanru glanced at Su Cha with disdain, “How bad a consequence would I even face? Do you f*cking think that I’m scared of you? I’ve been around the school for so long, have I not seen such daring people like you before? Miss Su, would you believe that I will slap you in the face for saying one more sentence? Would you also believe that I’ll even find someone to kill you?”

    “Young one, don’t just talk a mouthful of deaths. Nowadays in this federal society, I don’t even dare to kill you, after all, it would be too conspicuous. Would you even dare to do that?”

    Su Cha smiled gently and gave a slight sigh, “So, you were the one who said that I have a sugar daddy?”

    Yang Nuanru looked at Su Cha with the gaze of a maniac. She was no shorter than Su Cha but she purposely replied with her head high, “I was the one who said it, so what?” Having repeatedly been questioned by Su Cha, Yang Nuanru became furious. She reached out wanting to shove Su Cha’s head, “I would like to see what you can do to me, you dumb Su…”

    Once she finished, she saw that Su Cha’s expression had changed.

    Her heart abruptly skipped a beat, but her hand had already swung out.

    At that moment, Su Cha reacted in a flash that Yang Nuanru did not even have time to respond, then she felt her hand being pushed away by Su Cha. In a blink of an eye, her head was smashed into the stone wall by a strong force!

    It turned out that Su Cha had shoved aside her wrist and reached toward her forehead. Catching Yang Nuanru unprepared, the back of her head came in close contact with the stone wall.



    In an instant, the sharp pain made Yang Nuanru tear up. With such force to her head, she was seeing stars.

    On the other side of the wall, Cai Ziya got a huge fright. She was just thinking of rushing outside to announce the arrival of a teacher but listening carefully, that blood-curdling scream was actually Yang Nuanru’s?

    “Su Cha, I’m going to f*cking kill you!!”

    Being hit by Su Cha, it was no less than lighting up a fire in Yang Nuanru. The hatred in Yang Nuanru’s heart came bursting out as she went into a rage.

    Bearing with the pain on her head, she tried to kick Su Cha. However, her speed could never be compared with Su Cha’s quick reaction. Although strength was lacking, just the ancient battling instincts were more than enough to deal with Yang Nuanru.

    Easily avoiding Yang Nuanru’s attack, Su Cha counter-attacked with a slap on Yang Nuanru’s face.


    The crisp sound of the slap stunned both Cai Ziya and Yang Nuanru.

    Not waiting for Yang Nuanru to react, Su Cha bound both her hands, pressed her face against the stone wall and smiled coldly, “Yang Nuanru, look at yourself. You’re pretty much useless but you still dared to spread rumors about me, I’m just helping you, do you understand? If this is not settled before my boyfriend finds out, I’m afraid you would end up worse!”

    Yang Nuanru immediately teared up, not just from the humiliation, but also realizing how helpless she was being held down by Su Cha. She sobbed, “Su Cha, I will find someone to beat you dead…”