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Chapter 42

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 42: Do You Think That She Dare?

    “Beat me dead?”

    Su Cha pushed her face harder and she could feel the spiciness of pain as her soft, gentle skin rubbed against the stone wall.

    At this moment, the girl who used to be polite and gentle had her eyes full of uncovered brutality. She stood closer toward Yang Nuanru and whispered in a low voice, “Yang Nuanru, I’m teaching you a lesson today by beating you up. I advise you not to think about those things anymore if you wish to graduate peacefully. I just said that you should thank the legal society. Otherwise, I have no idea what I would do to you.”

    Every word that she spoke was as cold as ice. Even Yang Nuanru who had been unreasonable trembled when she heard Su Cha.

    She dared not doubt the truth of words that came out of Su Cha’s mouth.

    She did not even expect that Su Cha would take action on her.

    “But look, even though I couldn’t kill you, just imagine. What if I break one of your arms, one of your legs or even cut your face? All of this is very simple for me. You have also hit people and cut other girl’s faces before. It’s better for you to think about whether it is still fun for it to happen to you. Huh?” Su Cha said with a murderous look, indicating that she was not joking at all. In the meantime, Yang Nuanru was struggling to have a look at Su Cha. Although her vision was blurry from her tears, she could still see the pair of completely cold and indifferent eyes clearly.

    An unknown, brutal taste was concealed within the dark pupils.

    Her whole body was emitting a feeling that came from the silent abyss. It was very scary.

    As compared with any gangster who pretended to be fierce that Yang Nuanru had met before, she was much scarier.

    Her face hurt so much for being pressed against the wall and her body trembled. Yang Nuanru was afraid at that instant, “I’m… I’m sorry… I won’t do it anymore…”

    Cai Ziya was surprised.

    She never thought that the big sister who had been so cocky at school would apologize to anyone. Furthermore, it was an apology to Su Cha?

    But, as she heard what Su Cha had said just now, her body quivered as well and even her teeth did the same.

    She had no idea when did Su Cha become so scary.

    Su Cha chuckled with satisfaction and loosened her hand. Yang Nuanru immediately cupped her face. She felt that her face had been destroyed as Su Cha had pushed it so hard against on the wall.

    She was used to being arrogant all the while. So, after getting a beating from someone else, she felt wronged and started crying as she squatted on the floor.

    Su Cha did not care at all. She did not even bother looking at her and walked away from behind the huge stone.

    She then bumped into Cai Ziya who was trembling in fear.

    She already knew that Cai Ziya had been following her but she did not mind.

    Cai Ziya looked at Su Cha for a moment. Although the murderous look had disappeared, she looked even scarier as the eyes looked so calm.

    Cai Ziya said with an unstable voice, “Su… Su Cha…”

    “Yes?” Su Cha replied softly, “Let’s go, we’re already late for class.”

    The bell had rung a while ago. They would probably be 10 minutes late already once they get to class. They still need to think of an excuse for being late.

    Cai Ziya said with hesitation as she heard the cry, “What… What if she reports to the teacher?”

    “Do you think that she dare?” Su Cha replied in irony with a smirk.

    Cai Ziya shuddered and remained silent.

    “Let’s go.”

    Her soft and gentle voice had Cai Ziya fall into contradiction. She had no idea what to say, so she just followed Su Cha and walked away silently.

    Soon after Su Cha left, Yang Nuanru came out from the back of the huge stone and ran toward the school main entrance.