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Chapter 43

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 43: Could She Have Been Beaten By Su Cha?

    The class was ongoing when Cai Ziya and Su Cha returned.

    The teacher asked where did they go and Su Cha replied with a very calm expression, “Stomachache, teacher.”

    This was a common excuse that students would use when they were late.

    The teacher knew that Su Cha was probably bluffing, but looking at her calm and steady face, he then trusted her words and looked at Cai Ziya behind Su Cha, “What about you?”

    Cai Ziya replied hesitantly, “Me… Me too…”

    The teacher doubted Cai Ziya’s words but in order not to affect the class, the teacher said, “Get back to your seats first.”

    All of the students looked at each other as Su Cha and Cai Ziya returned to their seats respectively.

    Why is Su Cha back so quickly? Is she done talking to Yang Nuanru?

    As Su Cha walked toward her seat, all the nearby students whispered to each other. As Le Anqi saw Su Cha, she shrunk her body instantly.

    She could not believe that Su Cha came back unharmed.

    As soon as Cai Ziya sat down, her classmate whispered instantly, “What happened out there?”

    Cai Ziya forced a smile in reply with her slightly pale look. She did not know how to tell about what had just happened.

    She felt that her worldview was deeply shaken.

    She did not expect Su Cha who used to be soft and weak to have the courage to lash out at Yang Nuanru. Moreover, she really hit Yang Nuanru!

    Even if it were them, fighting between classmates was considered a serious affair. Forget about it if it was someone else, but this time, it was Yang Nuanru!

    Besides, Su Cha revealed no expression on her face when she hit Yang Nuanru as if it was nothing to her.

    Why did she not find Su Cha so scary before?

    However, despite the scariness, she was unexpectedly impressed by Su Cha… After all, it was Yang Nuanru.

    As Le Anqi looked at Su Cha who sat down, she pouted and asked softly, “Yang Nuanru didn’t say anything when you found her?”

    “What would she say?”

    With a faint smile, Su Cha turned her head around and looked at her while playing with her hair, “What do you think she could say to me?”

    Le Anqi was stunned for a moment, followed by an awkward smile on her face, “I don’t know.”

    She had no idea why but she had a feeling that Su Cha had become more terrifying than before.

    Su Cha replied with a gentle smile. She did not speak a word and started to pay attention to the class after that.

    She listened to the class attentively as if it was the first lesson after her rebirth.

    She noticed that she could understand the teacher’s lesson easily by just recalling a little of her memories.

    Both her efficiency and comprehension were much improved than before.

    Su Cha had totally no idea why but she felt lucky.

    God was so loving even after she started over, so of course, she must live well with gratitude.

    As the class was dismissed, Su Cha stayed seated while Le Anqi went out. After a few minutes, she returned with an unbelievable expression on her face.

    There was horror on her face. Then, a few classmates who went out moments ago rushed back to the class and whispered, “Someone saw Yang Nuanru running out of the school gate while crying just now!”

    “Running out while crying!!”

    Although they had lowered down their voices on purpose, everyone in the class heard them.

    All of a sudden, the surrounding classmates looked at Su Cha with astonishment.

    Su Cha remained her calmness and did not get affected.

    Some of the classmates who could not hold back themselves after seeing Su Cha giving no response went closer to her and asked, “What happened?”

    “Yeah, why would Yang Nuanru run out the school gate crying? Oh my god! The sun is rising from the west. Could she have been beaten by Su Cha?”

    The classmate who said this asked with a joking tone.