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Chapter 44

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 44: A Jealous Man Needs Proper Coaxing (Part 1)

    But those who got the news just threw him a weird look and said, “It… It does seem like it is true…”

    Even though all of them were gathered together, they kept their voices down while looking at Su Cha in disbelief.

    “Someone who was signing the leave application form at the guardhouse saw Yang Nuanru’s face was red with a bruise.”

    “The guard even asked her whether she had fallen down. But Yang Nuanru just ignored him and rushed out the gate without applying for any leave.”

    Indistinct discussions started in small groups around the class, whereas Le Anqi was sitting on another classmate’s seat with a rigid expression. Looking at her own seat beside Su Cha, her legs felt stiff all of a sudden and she could barely move a step forward.

    The whole class looked at Su Cha as if she was some sort of monster. None of them dared to approach Su Cha, nor did they have the guts to ask her about anything.

    It was still the same girl with the same appearance, but something about her had somehow changed drastically.

    The class bell rang after a few moments.

    This brought a halt to the ongoing discussions with everyone scattered and back to their seats. Unwillingly, Le Anqi dragged her stiff body back to her original seat.

    She stayed focused for one whole session of class without scrolling through her Meiyin videos.

    Su Cha left the classroom as soon as the morning class ended.

    She had already requested permission to leave as she would be joining an audition later on.

    And right now she was heading for lunch as Bo Muyi would come over and pick her up afterward.

    Seeing Su Cha leaving at a galloping pace, Cai Ziya hurriedly put down the books on her hand and followed her, “Su Cha, do you want to have lunch together?”

    The students were prohibited from leaving the school compound in the afternoon and they could either settle their lunch at the school canteen or order something in.

    Cai Ziya originally intended to express her goodwill to Su Cha, but Su Cha just turned around with a faint smile, “Thanks but no thanks! I still have something to do in the afternoon and I already got permission to leave. Maybe tomorrow.”

    “Huh?” For a while, Cai Ziya was stunned, “What’s your plan?”

    She was just simply asking but Su Cha replied her straight away, “There is a group audition in Yonggu Town and I’m joining it. Perhaps you can see me on television in the future. I’ve got to go now. Bye.”

    Cai Ziya was literally rooted to the spot upon hearing her reply.

    Was Su Cha implying that she is going to enter the entertainment industry in the future?

    Cai Ziya suddenly recalled that she had heard of this audition before and this was the only audition in Yonggu Town lately. It was a girl group audition that Le Anqi would be joining as well. But she did not expect Su Cha to get into this too!


    After having a meal outside the school, Su Cha bought herself a cup of lemon tea due to the hot weather since she might need to be out for quite a long time.

    She stood at the mall entrance while biting the straw as she waited for Bo Muyi to pick her up.

    Despite her simple outfit today, she was still stunning with her radiating gorgeousness and youth. Soon, her outstanding temperament attracted attention from the crowd. A few guys who dressed well even came forward to ask for her contacts. It was a rather direct tackling approach and Su Cha rejected all of them.

    There was another good-looking yet reserved guy who approached her for directions. After Su Cha showed him the way, he gave her a pleasant smile, “I don’t actually know how to go. Could you please bring me there, Miss?”

    “Or maybe you should call for a cab?” Su Cha lifted her eyes and glanced at him.

    The guy, “…”

    It was then a low-key black luxury car appeared on the street. The car windows were tinted so dark that the interior could hardly be seen clearly.

    But the current atmosphere inside the car was intense and the driver was trembling in fear. In such a great trepidation, how he wished to abandon the car and run for his life.

    The man sitting at the back of the car was staring at the girl and the guy who was striking up a conversation with her. His eyes were brimming with gloominess as a cold and dismal aura exuded from his body with both his hands tightly clasped.