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Chapter 45

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 45: A Jealous Man Needs Proper Coaxing (Part 2)

    Su Cha frowned slightly as she noticed a black car stopping in front of her.

    It was because the car was different from the one that Bo Muyi took in the morning.

    The guy was still trying to keep the conversation going with Su Cha. He was somewhat stunned when he saw a car parking in front of them, then the car window at the back seat rolled down slowly.

    At that moment, a daunting frosty vibe that made one hold their breath began to unfurl.

    Across the unparalleled handsome face was a pair of perfectly beautiful eyes with intimidating flickers in them. As his unflinching gaze roved over the guy, the guy felt like he had just gone through death.

    It was a kind of fear that dissipated from his innermost soul. This man made him feel extremely inferior and weak in an instant.

    His shirt was soaked in cold sweat. His face looked ghastly pale and embarrassed. Only when Su Cha spoke that he regained his consciousness, “Muyi?”

    In contrast to her previous nonchalance, she was now obviously overwhelmed with joy and excitement. Opening the car door and getting in the car, her figure instantly blocked that particular cold and deadly stare.

    It was only then the guy came out of his trance and left hastily as fear started to get the better of him.

    “Why did you change your car? I didn’t know it was you.”

    Su Cha who had just gotten into the car looked at Bo Muyi with her lips curled into a thin smile. She noticed that the driver had changed as well, it was not the same man as this morning.

    But she asked nothing. It did not take her long to realize that Bo Muyi’s expression was grim and unpleasant. His somber eyes were fixed on her.

    Su Cha knew exactly what was going on and she sighed silently. She pinched Bo Muyi’s chin with her fingers and rubbed it gently, “You’re pissed off, aren’t you? Someone was just hitting on me, isn’t it normal?”

    Hearing her words, the driver looked at her in surprise. He was somewhat appalled.

    And she even touched young master’s face. How dare she!

    Unexpectedly, the man being touched lowered his eyes and fluttered lightly. His bushy and slightly curly, long eyelashes had cast some faint shadows under the eyelids, accentuating his charm. Even the social network influencers would not have the nerves to photoshop their photos to such an extent.

    There was a sense of grievance in his clear, pure voice, “I don’t like it.”

    The car veered off the road abruptly and the driver quickly gripped the steering wheel tight.

    Nothing, I saw nothing. It must be my own hallucination!

    “Alright, I know you don’t like it. I won’t let them ask me anything next time.” Su Cha went on touching Bo Muyi’s face softly. She then noticed that his skin was fair and flawless apart from his striking handsome features.

    As smooth as a boiled egg with its shell removed. Su Cha felt that perhaps this was the best way to describe Bo Muyi’s skin.

    Really… She could not stop feeling unfair for all the ladies.

    Despite Su Cha’s reassurance, the scene of Su Cha being tackled kept on occupying his mind and haunting him. His eyebrows were slightly furrowed with a shade of instinctive displeasure.

    He could not accept any human being approaching Su Cha and any form of contact was intolerable even though it was within one-meter range. He detested his Cha Cha being touched by anybody else.

    Not just men, so as women.

    Aside from all these inner thoughts, he was delighted at the same time when Su Cha got so close to him. It seemed like he was struggling to replace his gloominess with joy and that led to Bo Muyi’s complicated expression.

    Su Cha looked at him and thought helplessly. How could this man be so insanely jealous?

    Out of a sudden, she caught sight of the lemon tea in her hand and stuck it onto Bo Muyi’s face as it was still cold. The abrupt cold sensation caused Bo Muyi to lift his head up and looked at Su Cha with puzzled eyes.