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Chapter 46

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 46: Thank You For Your Consideration, Miss Su

    It was then Bo Muyi noticed the cup of lemon tea in Su Cha’s hand as she chuckled. He then asked curiously, “Cha Cha, what are you drinking?”

    “Lemon tea, it’s a kind of drink that tastes like lemon water. Do you want to have a try?”

    Su Cha lifted the cup and swirled it. “Sure,” Bo Muyi readily replied.

    Whatever Su Cha was eating or drinking, he wanted to have exactly the same as Cha Cha.

    There was a light blue straw in the cup and Su Cha lifted the cup to his lips. With his mouth ajar, he bit the straw and gave it a sip.

    His beautifully arched eyebrows creased instinctively as the ice-cold water intruded his tongue. Su Cha was uncertain whether he could take any cold drinks and thus she just let him have a sip. She asked, “Is it good?”

    She had noticed that the driver kept on peeping at them from the rearview mirror when Bo Muyi was drinking. There was concern reflected in his eyes and he seemed to have something to say yet he remained silent.

    Su Cha felt that there must be something wrong with Bo Muyi.

    Instead of answering, Bo Muyi just looked at Su Cha and asked, “How about Cha Cha? Do you think it’s good?”

    He was pretty wily in some way.

    Whatever Su Cha answered, that would be his answer as well.

    Su Cha squinted her eyes and said, “I think it’s not bad and a hot afternoon like this is the best time to drink it…”

    As expected, Bo Muyi replied right after her words, “It tastes good.”

    He got closer and wanted to have another sip as soon as he finished talking. Su Cha moved the cup away, “Can you take cold drinks?”

    Bo Muyi did not say a word and kept his eyes on Su Cha. Deep down, he was struggling with a dilemma.

    Should I tell Cha Cha the truth?

    At this moment, the driver finally could not hold himself anymore and blurted, “Miss Su, young master cannot take cold drinks.”

    As soon as he finished his words, Bo Muyi shot him a glare at once. His piercing eyes were indescribably nerve-racking, locking on the driver’s body just like an evil ghost. The driver felt his muscles tightened as panic began to engulf him. Terrified, he avoided Bo Muyi’s eyes and kept looking at the road ahead.

    Su Cha turned Bo Muyi’s face back and said, “He’s just saying that you can’t take cold drinks. You asked me to behave, but how about you? You should’ve said earlier that you can’t take cold drinks so that I won’t let you try it.”

    Su Cha pretended to stare at him angrily and Bo Muyi kept his head low, just like a kid who had done something wrong, “I’m sorry.”

    “Don’t you say sorry.” Su Cha did not want to hear his apology. It would remind her of the scene where Bo Muyi was dying in front of her and apologized with a weak smile stretched upon his ashen face. To her, it was a horrible nightmare that she never wanted to recall.

    With her eyes closed, she moved closer to Bo Muyi, “Muyi, I don’t like to hear your apology. Just make sure that you behave well next time and let me know about the food that you dislike or cannot eat.”

    Bo Muyi nodded obediently, “Okay…”

    Su Cha gave out a hearty laugh and leaned on Bo Muyi’s shoulder. At the same time, Bo Muyi rested his head slightly on hers and slid his hand around Su Cha’s waist.


    Soon, Su Cha gulped down the rest of the lemon tea. Holding the cup in her hand as she prepared to toss it after getting down the car, she then asked, “Muyi, I don’t know how long the audition will take. So just go back to work after you send me there. Don’t waste your time, okay?”


    The man continued resting his cheek atop her head and did not want to budge an inch at all. His sluggish voice sounded like he was not happy with it.

    Shortly, the driver announced their arrival at the destination. Su Cha got up and made a sudden turn before she got down the car. Blocking the driver’s sight with her lifted arm, she gave Bo Muyi a quick peck on his thin lips, “Muyi, I’ll call you after I’m done. Bye.”

    Bo Muyi was apparently delighted by her kiss and bid her goodbye with his eyes crinkled in happiness, “Bye, Cha Cha!”

    “Goodbye, Miss Su,” said the driver.

    Thank you so much for your consideration, Miss Su.