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Chapter 47

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 47: The Girls’ Dreams In Progress

    The audition site was located at the center of Yonggu Town, which was already bursting at the seams since it was a huge event.

    Everyone would be waiting inside a gigantic air-conditioned shed due to the hot weather outside.

    The sun was scorching today and it seemed that the production crew of the audition did have some conscience to prepare this facility for the contestants.

    The numbers were generated through smart screening and machines were prepared for people to get their numbers via their identification cards. Su Cha queued up at the machine outside to get her number based on the registration details provided by Wu He.

    The queue was quite long due to the huge crowd and Su Cha was apparently not among the early birds.

    All the contestants were mostly young girls.

    There were all kinds of girls here, be it youthful and pretty, cute and zestful, or mature-looking, you name it.

    Being young and vibrant, all of them were the dream chasers in a city.

    Su Cha caught everyone’s attention upon her arrival at the site.

    There might be plenty of pretty girls out there but most of their beauty was the mere effect of wearing makeup. For those who looked stunning even without any makeup, these girls were really rare gems.

    That kind of extraordinary natural beauty was so distinct that it could be recognized simply at a glance.

    Although good-looking girls were everywhere nowadays, the comparison was somehow unavoidable.

    As Su Cha joined the queue, the girls who queued ahead and behind her were obviously trying to squeeze themselves away from her.

    No one would like to serve as a foil to a prettier girl, especially when she was not meticulously dressed and yet her beauty shone like she was. What a heartache!

    Ignoring their responses, Su Cha started to contemplate the future of this show while she waited for her turn.

    Since she did not participate previously, most of the details had slipped her mind and she did not even know the names of the top 10 contestants.

    The show was known as ‘The Girls’ Dreams In Progress’, a rather conventional name that was commonly used in numerous variety shows nowadays.

    But somehow, the show had been going on for many years. And the contestants of every episode who managed to enter the top 10 list were now having great fame and rose in popularity.

    Casting in the name of amateur could also be a star, the show won the favor of many Hua Nation audience and it had always been popular among the people.

    The show was organized every year. Although it was rapidly losing its ratings due to the recent booming of similar talent shows, it was still the king among them.

    It turned out that those finalists from the show would be easier accepted by the audience.

    Thus, there would be countless contestants swarming in every single year. Some of them were powerful contestants who did not make it to the top 10 list a few years ago. The show mainly focused on the selection of all-round contestants who were good at both singing and dancing. Nevertheless, if the individual had outstanding talent in either one of the fields, he or she could be selected as well.

    Normally the champion would be the best singer.

    The production crew introduced something new this year. They announced that the first three finalists among the top 10 list would get the chance to decide whether they want to form a group with the other seven members. But as long as they got into the top 10 list, they would definitely be able to debut as a group.

    Recently, the influence of the neighboring country had led to the increasing trend of group formations. A group had a better performance than a solo artist and many shows saw this potential as well. They reformed and changed their related shows accordingly, just like what ‘The Girls’ Dreams In Progress’ was doing right now.

    As for the top 10 contestants among the previous episodes, those who were selected as the top three finalists would be struggling to maintain their fame without any personal charm. They would just fade into oblivion by the time the show’s popularity was over.

    The newly-launched grouping strategy by the production crew this year had in fact attracted a lot of people like bees to a honeypot.

    This year was the season where the competition was comparable to its first-year show.