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Chapter 48

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 48: Seeded Player

    Su Cha hated being in groups. If she were to participate, she would have her eyes set on the champion.

    This was not her arrogance speaking, but the champion was the best option, although the top three was not too bad as well.

    Anyhow, it was impossible for her to join a group.

    In the past lifetime, she was already at the helm since a very young age. Hence, deep down, her ambition had grown to an exceptional degree. Moreover, she despised teamwork.

    Participating in this show was only a short-term plan. If she could perform well in embroidery, or find an opportunity to get into the entertainment industry…

    That simply could not be better!

    With the trainings she had in the past lifetime, Su Cha was highly confident in her acting skills, albeit her dancing and singing skills were not as superior.

    Now, she had just been reincarnated, and there were a lot of strong contestants in the room. She did not get a swelled head to the extent which she perceived herself as unbeatable.

    There were countless people who had gone through laborious training in dancing and singing since young. Even if she had the advantage of reincarnation, she might not have the ability to surpass them.

    Nevertheless, Su Cha could learn. She was willing to pay great effort and endure hardship to achieve her goal. At the very least, she would not waste the chance that came her way.

    Taking a number was a quick process, it was Su Cha’s turn after a short 10-minute wait. She went forward and took her number, 351 indeed.

    Holding the number in hand, she went into the studio.

    This studio was a temporary structure, but as she went in by the main door. Rows of seats were arranged in semi-circles as extensive as the town square came into view. It was an enormous arena.

    Crowds of people were already seated inside, their voices were extremely loud, causing the noise in the arena to be almost deafening. Thousands or even tens of thousands of girls were gathered here, and most of them were good looking. This was an absolute paradise for men……

    But unfortunately, except for the staff members, men were not allowed to come in.

    Everyone had their own numbered seat, Su Cha found hers at the front rows. Looking straight ahead, she happened to see a number showing on the huge screen: 159.

    This represented the number of the candidate who was currently performing in front of the judges.

    Throughout the whole day, only 159 candidates had gone through the audition. It was uncertain if Su Cha could wait up to her turn today.

    Wu He had arranged her a seat with a good view, she might have even taken up some trouble to get her a good number. After all, candidates who were auditioned earlier might have a higher chance of being chosen by the judging panel, while the remaining contestants might receive sloppy responses due to exhaustion.

    Otherwise, this audition would not have lasted for a month.

    Su Cha was rather grateful for Wu He’s help.

    She took a glance at the surrounding. She had never came here during her past life, it was a must to take a good look and fully experience everything now that she had the chance.

    The appearance of Su Cha had attracted the attention of some contestants nearby, a few of them started to be on the alert. Other than those who had good relationships with one another, most of them were competitors. Contestants with outstanding appearance were most likely to receive higher additional marks, and if either of their dancing or singing was satisfactory, it was almost certain that they would pass the audition.

    Given that all of them were competitors, it was only natural for them to make comparisons.


    Su Cha seemed odd.

    Under such a noisy environment, she was sitting there quietly all by herself. On top of that, she had an indistinct and unique aura of her own. Compared to the girls around her, anyone would have noticed Su Cha at first sight if they were to turn toward her direction.

    Her sitting pose seemed kind of sluggish. Leaning to the side, her long legs were folded together in a graceful manner, bringing out the mystique of royalty inside her. The distinctive aura had set off the girls around her by contrast, making them look somewhat like… her maids.

    A few girls could not help but secretly took photos of Su Cha and posted them on their social media: I think this would be one of the seeded players in the future.

    At this moment, Su Cha received a phone call from Wu He, “Su Cha, have you arrived? Have you taken your number?”