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Chapter 49

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 49: Is Your Boyfriend…Reliable?

    Su Cha responded calmly as she heard Wu He’s voice, “Yes, Sister Wu He. I’ve arrived and gotten a number. Contestant number 159 is currently in the audition room, she has been there for quite a while, so I’m afraid I might not have the chance to perform today.”

    Wu He had treated her well, Su Cha ought to have some respect for her.

    “Great. There’s not much of a difference between 159 and 160, but your turn might not come when the audition ends at seven o’clock. Depending on the circumstances, you could take a stroll around the place. Meanwhile, assess the ability of other contestants and be aware of those who appear to be particularly outstanding.”


    Su Cha grinned, there was no outstanding individual lying around yet. It seemed like she was the one being regarded as exceptional in the eyes of others.

    While she was sitting here, she had sensed countless unfriendly gaze from others.

    In the middle of the arena was a room where the judges were positioned, things that happened inside were not being revealed to the contestants. The judges in Yonggu Town were not considered well-known, they were merely z-list celebrities. Some participants had even took a flight to other cities just to be assessed by certain judges.

    This had to do with the fact that the judges in Imperial Capital, Magic Capital, and Water Capital were all top celebrities and superstars.

    The finals would be held in Imperial Capital, but even so, Su Cha was not worried at all.

    “I have high hopes for you. Do let me know once you’ve passed the audition, I’ll treat you to a meal.”

    Wu He was well-intentioned. Unhurriedly, Su Cha responded, “Okay. But, Sister Wu He, if I passed the audition, I should be the one treating you to a meal instead, not the other way round.”

    “As you please.” Wu He smiled, “It doesn’t matter now. When you have really made it to the top 10, I would definitely demand a good meal!”

    “Of course.”

    Su Cha replied affirmatively, her tone sounded firm.

    Wu He finally noticed that Su Cha was rather different from usual, it was obvious that her tone of voice had changed tremendously. Wu He could not help but ask, “Is there something wrong between you and your boyfriend?”

    Wu He knew what kind of person Su Cha’s boyfriend was. She met him once and was displeased with that man.

    Wu He was well aware of how the man treated Su Cha and the kind of attitude he gave her.

    She thought of giving Su Cha a piece of her mind, but having numerous experiences on circumstance as such, she knew it would be pointless for her, an outsider, to offer relationship advice, especially when Su Cha was so madly in love with Di Yao.

    However, Wu He could sense that something went wrong between Su Cha and Di Yao today as Su Cha spoke with authority and a brisk tone.

    Wu He would quietly rejoice upon the news of them breaking up. Su Cha was a woman of potential, and it would be best if she could become famous. Di Yao was simply an obstacle in Su Cha’s road to fame, she should get rid of him as quickly as possible!

    Wu He had sharp senses, hence Su Cha did not intend to hide the truth from her, “Sister Wu He, I’ve broken up with my ex. I have another boyfriend now, he works for the corporation. I will introduce him to you once I have the chance.”

    “You have a new boyfriend?”

    Wu He could not believe her own ears. Though Su Cha might seem like a love expert who could conquer any man once she put on a red lipstick, Wu He knew that deep down, she was an innocent person. It was rather shocking that the relationship had ended, yet now she had a new boyfriend?

    She frowned as she asked, “Is your boyfriend…reliable?”

    There are some things that friends were not meant to say. Nevertheless, instinct impelled Wu He to be worried about Su Cha.

    “Not only is he reliable, but he also adores me so much, and I love him too. Don’t worry, Sister Wu He, he is incomparable to that idiot, Di Yao.”

    Su Cha sounded rather cold at the end of her sentence, the change in tone startled Wu He.