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Chapter 50

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 50: Why Are You Here, Su Cha?

    Su Cha seemed to have turned into a completely different person after the breakup.

    Wu He could not believe she used the word ‘idiot’ to describe Di Yao.

    “Sure…as long as you know what you are doing. Let’s meet up after your audition.”

    Rather than getting to the bottom of this matter, Wu He had to end the conversation in a hurry as she was interrupted by someone else, “Got to go, Su Cha. See you soon!”

    “Okay, Sister Wu He.”

    Wu He was a busy person, she hung up right after finishing her sentence.

    Su Cha remembered Wu He’s profession had something to do with the entertainment industry. Though it was not that closely related, she was working in an advertising agency.

    She was the Creative Director of the company. Regardless of how fancy it sounded like, the company was not a big one. It could be considered a small business, with only around 10 employees in total.

    Su Cha recalled these details from those self-deprecating jokes once made by Wu He. It was a complete coincidence for her to lend a helping hand to Su Cha, owing to the fact that her advertising company had connections with people in the entertainment industry, thus she knew things that others did not.

    Wu He made use of her position to push matters through when she knew Su Cha wished to join the entertainment business. Su Cha believed Wu He was helping her with a reason, although none of them ever mentioned anything.

    As she reflected on it, Su Cha could now sense that Wu He meant well.

    All of a sudden, a certain digit blinked. Sucha raised her eyes and saw the digits on the big screen had changed to 160.

    She looked downward following the change of digits and saw a girl coming out from the room. Immediately, another girl passed by and entered the room.

    The girl who had just walked out carried a card on her hand, seemingly full of joy.

    That was the Pass Card.

    Well, it would not make sense if she did not pass the audition after being in the room for so long.

    It had been five minutes since Su Cha arrived.

    Everyone was looking enviously at the girl, getting the Pass Card marked the starting point of an exciting journey.

    Su Cha quickly withdrew her gaze and started thinking about which song she should perform later.

    To tell the truth, she had not even picked the song she was about to sing.

    She could choose pop music, but she was not that familiar with the songs of that genre. The classic oldies were good, but that would be a cliché.

    Since Wu He had advised her not to let her voice go to waste, she decided to sing the song ‘Wild Pigeon’ after much consideration.

    ‘Wild Pigeon’ was an old song. It was not a difficult song to sing, but back then, it was not a big hit in Hua Nation, possibly because the lyrics were not catchy and the singer was not famous either.

    But ‘Wild Pigeon’ was a song with a story. Su Cha used to like it a lot, come to think of it, the lyrics somehow resonated with her life circumstances.

    She took out her phone and put on the earphones as she decided to listen carefully to the song. In the case where she was not able to perform today, she could continue to practice it at home.

    “You held me tight in your hand, keeping me from escaping”

    “I never had someone to rely on, til you paved the way”

    “I gave up everything, just to follow you”


    “Like a wild pigeon, wandering around”

    “The extensive forest just can’t compare with your heart…”

    The low-pitched female voice sounded dispirited and the unspoken sadness was covered up by her calm voice. Su Cha listened attentively to every sentence of the lyrics while pondering the need to improvise the song accordingly as she sang. She was not really skilled at improvising, it might look bad if she made mistakes by doing so.

    At that moment, Su Cha who was listening to music with her eyes closed suddenly opened her eyes as if her instincts told her to. Her act frightened Le Anqi who was looking at her with a complex facial expression from a few seats away.

    She asked in astonishment, “Why are you here, Su Cha?”