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Chapter 51

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 51: Did Not Have The Heart To

    Su Cha was not surprised to see Le Anqi.

    She knew earlier that Le Anqi would be joining the audition, but she did not expect her number to be close to Le Anqi’s.

    “What is your number?” Su Cha asked directly.

    “Eh?” Le Anqi was stunned for a while, then replied without a second thought, “Number 357.”


    Sucha answered coldly and turned her head around.

    Le Anqi got impatient, “You still haven’t told me why you are here!”

    Su Cha frowned and said, “I am here for the same reason you are, do you still need to ask?”

    Le Anqi saw the facial expression of Su Cha and got disheartened. She looked away and mumbled, “Well, I’m just asking.”

    Because she had never expected to meet Su Cha here.

    Le Anqi had set her heart on joining the entertainment industry, hence participating in the show ‘Dreams In Progress’ had been her goal for the longest time.

    Given that this was the era of influencer, Le Anqi did expect someone from the school to join, but she never once thought Su Cha would be one of them.

    Le Anqi had complicated thoughts against the old Su Cha.

    She was pretty but was also too obsequious to the point where it was irritating. Nonetheless, now that her character had changed, Le Anqi realized it was hard not to notice her existence.

    Despite the site being so huge, she could not help but caught sight of Su Cha the moment she entered the venue.

    She virtually shone amid the crowd.

    The scene of Su Cha sitting quietly alone contrasted with the others who were busy talking and discussing, she could not be more eye-catching.

    Even though there were other girls sitting quietly just like Su Cha, none of them gave out such an exceptional aura.

    Since when did things change? Was it since this morning when Su Cha came to school?

    For a second, Le Anqi thought Su Cha was bewitched.

    But being bewitched would not make someone more charming.

    “Just sit down.”

    Despite the three lightweight words, Le Anqi seemed to be controlled by it and sat down unknowingly on her designated seat.

    Her lips moved slightly, she wanted to ask Su Cha if she was going to dance or sing.

    As far as she remembered, Su Cha was not skilled at either.

    However, taking her looks into account, perhaps singing just a few sentences would make her pass the audition.

    After holding it back for quite a while, as the number on the screen turned 162, Le Anqi could not help but spoke, “Be careful when you go to school tomorrow. This afternoon, I saw Yang Nuanru guarding the school gate along with a few guys.”

    As she spoke, Su Cha looked toward her direction.

    Le Anqi thought she would catch a glimpse of panic and fear in the eyes of Su Cha, but all she could see was her calmness.


    The word slipped out gently from Su Cha’s lips, giving Le Anqi an inexplicable chills, as if her words were accompanied by disdain.

    Le Anqi’s heart skipped a beat, she nodded, “Yes!”

    She did not plan to tell her at first, but after giving it some thought, she did not have the heart to turn a blind eye…

    Le Anqi knew Yang Nuanru well. She was an influencer herself, having quite a number of fans and admirers. Although she looked down on Yang Nuanru for ganging up with those scumbags outside the school, she dared not take the risk to provoke Yang Nuanru.

    Yang Nuanru had a bad temper and would never let people take advantage of her. Even though Le Anqi was not sure what had happened in the morning, she could not bear to see her taking revenge on Su Cha.