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Chapter 52

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 52: Do Not Come Back And Beg Me When You Regret It Next Time

    Su Cha smirked, and the only thing she said was, “Thank you for reminding me.”

    Her words made Le Anqi feel a little better.

    At least she still received some gratitude from Su Cha. But why did that make her feel a bit flattered?

    When the digits on the screen jumped to 173, Le Anqi continued, “Are you number 351? It seems like we won’t be able to reach our turns today. Since we’re already here, do you want to hang out?”

    Su Cha looked at her with a faint smile, “You want to hang out with me?”

    Le Anqi was stunned.

    She regretted it immediately.

    Why did she blurt out such a thing?

    “I’m going to wait a bit before I leave,” said Su Cha, rejecting her.


    Le Anqi felt relieved when Su Cha told her she would not be leaving for a while. “Then I’ll leave first.”

    After Le Anqi left, Su Cha continued listening to the song ‘Wild Pigeon’ while installing apps on her mobile phone.

    The mobile phone that she was currently using was bought after so many months of saving up her living expenses. It was the most basic smartphone, with the price of just slightly over 1000 Yuan, and since she had been using it for quite a while, it had started to lag a bit.

    Su Cha gave it some thought, she had 2500 Yuan with her now…

    Maybe she should just wait for Di Yao to pay her back before buying a new phone!

    She connected her phone to the free Wi-Fi provided and downloaded Meiyin, Weibo and other apps.

    Back then, Su Cha really did not use social media apps like these. Her routine was to entertain Di Yao, work during weekends and do her revisions. She was not familiar with those trending social media apps.

    Plus the fact that she had remained in the ancient times for so long…

    Luckily the apps nowadays were all pretty similar and Su Cha was very fast at picking up new knowledge. Whenever she faced any difficulties, she would just search it up online and within half an hour she had already mastered the functions of these two applications.

    She would upload her embroidery videos on Meiyin, while increasing her popularity on Weibo.

    When she created her account, she put a lot of thought into choosing a name, and at last she decided on the code name S.

    She liked things to be simple. The alphabet S represented her initial, and there was nothing more to it.

    After settling these things, Su Cha roughly scrolled through the other videos. Most of the videos in Meiyin were comedic videos, while educational videos mainly taught people about photography and cooking. It was rare to see videos of embroidery or traditional crafts.

    In other words, she had a unique selling point.

    After scrolling through the videos, Su Cha looked at the time. It was half-past four in the afternoon.

    Then she lifted her head to check the number. It was only 197.

    She knew that she would not reach her turn today, but to be safe she planned to come back at seven in the evening. She thought about it and got up to leave.

    Once she left, the noise of people talking around her seemed to get louder.

    As soon as she stepped out the door, without the constant coolness of the air conditioner, the temperature around her became higher. Su Cha could feel the heat on her face, but luckily it was not the hottest time of the day yet. Once the heat dissipated, the temperature was still acceptable.

    The moment the Wi-Fi disconnected, Su Cha heard a tinkling sound from her phone.

    She squinted her eyes to see under the sun and realized it was a text message.

    It was a message from the bank.

    XX Bank: Your account number ending 4842 has successfully received an Alipay transaction of RMB 10,000 at 4.42pm on the 9th of May. The remaining balance is RMB 13,089.27.

    At the same time, an unknown number sent her a text message.

    Unknown number: Su Cha, you’d better remember that from now on we are parting ways. Don’t even think about coming to beg me when you regret it next time!

    Su Cha read his last words and sneered.

    So it was Di Yao.

    Tsk. She thought Di Yao would still be struggling desperately. What made him return the money so decisively?

    Su Cha’s instincts told her that this was not as simple as it seemed.