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Chapter 53

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 53: How Big Of A Price

    After Zhai Yao transferred the money to Su Cha, he still felt anger boiling in his heart. Even so, he suppressed his displeasure and made a phone call.

    The call was quickly connected, and a rather cold female voice said, “Hello, please hold on a moment.”

    There was a hint of condescendence in her voice, which had the tendency to make others feel slightly helpless and embarrassed.

    Zhai Yao had become used to it so he did not make any sound. A few seconds later, the voice of a different person sounded from the other end of the line.


    The voice was gentle like the sound of flowing water, low and alluring. It sounded even more entrancing than the voices of popular male voice actors.

    It felt like such a great honor just by chatting with him.

    This was not the first time Zhai Yao spoke to this man. Even though the voice sounded like it belonged to the gentlest person in the world, he still felt like he was under tremendous pressure each time he talked to the man.

    “I have done what you asked me to do. The money has been transferred to her.”

    Zhai Yao tried to sound as obedient as possible when he spoke. He did not dare to reveal his real thoughts as he was afraid that the other person might pick up something from his words.


    The man just replied as if he had received a piece of insignificant news, and gave no further response.

    Zhai Yao did not get any further replies even after waiting for a long time. He could not hold it in anymore. “What should I do next? Get someone to trouble her?”

    The man on the other side of the phone paused for three seconds before speaking slowly, “Don’t simply make a decision for something I did not ask you to do.”

    It was still the same attractive voice, gentle and low, but it would make the hearts of its listeners tighten. Zhai Yao tried to control his temper to stop himself from calling the man a son of a b*tch. “Got it.”

    The man seemed satisfied and continued, “Just keep an eye on her and report any updates about her to me on time. I will transfer the balance to your account bit by bit as usual. The deal between us will be terminated once she attends school at the Imperial Capital.”

    Upon hearing that, Zhai Yao felt it was a little strange. He could not help but ask, “How could you be so sure that she will definitely get into the university at the Imperial Capital?” He continued in a mocking tone, “As far as I know, her academic performance is not very good. Basically, there isn’t much hope for her to pass the entrance exam to get into the university at the Imperial Capital.”

    The gentle voice became slightly indifferent, “She knows well enough to dump you right now, which means that she’s not really that stupid.”

    When the man finished the sentence, he hung up the phone curtly.

    There was no attempt to explain further at all.

    Zhai Yao was already furious in the first place. Now that the phone had been hung up, he erupted with rage and finally had the nerves to scold, “Son of a b*tch, trying to play dumb with me!”

    However, he only dared to scold the man in his end of the phone.

    The person on the other end of the phone was the one who made a deal with him, and was also the main person who instructed him to get close to Su Cha.

    He had never seen him before, neither did he know his identity. But he was aware that this person was someone that he could not afford to mess with.

    Each time, just by listening to him, he got goosebumps all over his body.


    Suddenly, a hint of confusion appeared in Zhai Yao’s eyes. “Could it be that Su Cha knows something?”

    The thing that Su Cha said the other day had revealed a person’s name⁠—Lian Chi.

    This was also the first time he realized that the person over the phone might be called Lian Chi.

    “Lian Chi…”

    Zhai Yao repeated the two words in his mouth. It was also because of this name that he did not tell that person about Su Cha’s threat.

    He wanted to keep this matter from him.

    Most of the young and energetic people liked pretending to be tough, and Zhai Yao was no exception. It made Zhai Yao extremely crossed when the person on the phone kept pretending to be in control of everything.

    Now, there was something that he did not know about, and Zhai Yao was definitely not going to tell him.

    Of course, he did not realize how big of a price he would have to pay in the future for concealing this matter.