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Chapter 54

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 54: There Is A Meeting Today, I Have To Go Home And Sleep

    Zhai Yao returning the money to Su Cha right now was the solution to her most urgent needs.

    After all, she had just planned to get herself a new mobile phone.

    The original plan to go out and take a look had changed. Instead, she went to a mobile phone shop to look at mobile phones. Su Cha was rather vigorous and resolute when doing things. She did not take a look around various shops. After she decided on a shop, she did not give the staff any time to brief her on the product details. Her mind was made up as she went for the local smartphone, which was one of the most popular choices among the people on the internet.

    The price was more than 4000, but at least the phone’s performance was quite good.

    After changing the SIM card, Su Cha had no plans to give away nor throw away her old mobile phone, so she resolved to just keep it at home.

    Upon trying out her new phone, she found that it was very good. By the time she finished setting all the information in the phone and had her meal, it was about 6.30 in the evening.

    She had extra time to return to the competition site to take a look. The auditions on the first day ended at 7 o’clock in the evening, and it had stopped at number 298.

    It seemed that tomorrow would be her turn, and it would most probably be in the morning.

    She would need to apply for leave again tomorrow morning.

    Since she would be on leave tomorrow, she definitely had to make up for the classes that she missed. Su Cha planned to do her revision slightly later into the night.

    On the way back, Su Cha made a phone call to Bo Muyi.

    Perhaps it was because Su Cha had mentioned that she would give Bo Muyi a call after the competition was over, hence Bo Muyi never called her.

    The phone rang once and connected immediately.

    “Cha Cha.”

    That elegant male voice had always managed to make Su Cha feel relaxed no matter when and where she listened to it. Su Cha, who was taking the last train home, smiled. “Muyi, I have just came back from the audition site. I did not compete today, so I’ll have to continue tomorrow. I got myself a new phone this afternoon. Have you gotten off work?”

    “Yes, I have,” Bo Muyi answered obediently. At that moment, he was in the car heading home. After he received the phone call from Su Cha, he simply gave the driver a look. The driver understood tacitly and changed their destination, heading towards Su Cha’s house instead.

    “Cha Cha wanted to get a new phone. Why didn’t you just tell me?”

    Upon hearing that Su Cha had bought a new phone, Bo Muyi was slightly unhappy about it. “I can customize a good phone for you.”

    “That doesn’t matter, as long as it’s convenient to use.” Su Cha knew that if she responded to his words, he would continue dwelling on this matter, so she immediately changed the topic. “Have you eaten?”

    As soon as Su Cha asked, Bo Muyi replied immediately, “I have, how about Cha Cha?”

    “I have eaten as well.”

    Even if the two of them were just having a simple conversation, it seemed that they would never get sick of it. The conversation between them was very pleasant and unbearably sweet.

    While talking to Bo Muyi, Su Cha had reached her home without her noticing it.

    Even though her new phone was hot to the touch, Su Cha still wanted to continue the conversation. With a glance to the side, she spotted a familiar car outside her house.

    She smiled and walked over. Sure enough, she found Bo Muyi in the car, holding his phone.

    Bo Muyi had also noticed Su Cha. A soft smile appeared on his handsome face, his warm eyes seemed to be able to melt everything, exemplifying their peerless beauty.

    “Cha Cha…”

    Su Cha opened the door and got into the car. She held his hand and asked, “Muyi, would you like to go in and have a seat?”

    An unhappy expression appeared on Bo Muyi’s face immediately. Looking slightly distressed, he started, “Cha Cha, I have a meeting early in the morning, I have to go home…”

    “Oh?” Su Cha did not push the matter further when she heard about his work. “Then you should get home earlier, have a good rest to prepare for your early morning meeting.”

    Even though she spoke very gently, Bo Muyi felt down in an instant.