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Chapter 55

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 55: A Goodnight Kiss!

    He sounded extremely disappointed*.* ” I can’t sleep with Cha Cha tonight.”

    He was getting crossed just thinking about it.


    Su Cha coughed dryly, sneaking a glance at the driver in the front seat.

    Although her relationship with Bo Muyi was not platonic anymore, Su Cha was once pure and innocent like a blank sheet of paper regarding this aspect. It was the same even when she was the Empress Dowager for many years.

    Su Cha was rather thin-skinned, hence she could not bear saying such things openly in front of outsiders.

    The driver dropped his gaze, his serious face pointed straight ahead to indicate that he was not listening to what they were saying at all.

    Of course it would be better if he could plug up his ears to prove so.

    Anyhow, she did not speak of anything bold but ruffled his well-managed bangs and spoke in a soft tone. “I know, what time are you going back?”

    Bo Muyi looked at the time, frowning slightly. “I have to go in a few more minutes.”

    Young Master Bo was a stickler for punctuality, so it was a shocking miracle that he actually said something like ‘a few more minutes’.

    At least the driver was shocked.

    He knew Young Master Bo liked Miss Su, but he did not expect that Young Master Bo liked her so much that he was willing to break all his rules for her…

    If it was someone else that was late for even a second, they would probably be chopped up by the Young Master.

    “Okay, I won’t hold you up then, bye-bye Muyi.”

    It was not that Su Cha was willing to separate with him, but she knew she had a lot of things to do. She was busy with her studies, practising singing and working out…

    It was only the second day of her rebirth and yet she already had a lot of plans.

    The only thing she lacked was time.

    Just when she got up to get down from the car, Bo Muyi suddenly reached out and tugged her sleeve.

    The man looked a little confused and hesitant. Su Cha’s mind went blank for a second, wondering what she had said wrongly. On the other hand, Bo Muyi’s expression was not an angry one.

    Suddenly, the incident that happened in the afternoon popped up in Su Cha’s mind. She was struck by sudden realization and smirked, “I’m sorry, Muyi, I actually forgot.”

    After that, she raised an arm to block the driver’s vision, like she did this afternoon, and planted a kiss on the corner of Bo Muyi’s thin lips.

    The kiss tonight was different from the peck in the afternoon, this kiss right now lasted a second longer with some sentiment in it.

    “A goodnight kiss!”

    Su Cha beamed and the aura around Bo Muyi became increasingly docile, like a lion cub that had been coaxed out of hostility.

    Su Cha was about to get down the car, when all of a sudden, Bo Muyi gently tilted her face toward him. His movements had a slight dominance to them as he copied her, leaving a light kiss on her lips.

    The man was perfectly satisfied, looking like a giant beast that had a good meal. He licked his lips with the tip of his tongue and spoke in an extremely solemn tone. “A goodnight kiss!”

    Su Cha wore a faint smile, having noticed the poor driver who was starting to have a cramp in his face.

    “Bye-bye Muyi.”

    “Bye-bye Cha Cha.”

    After he saw Su Cha off, the gentle smile on Bo Muyi’s face vanished instantly. Even his attitude became surly. “Why must the meeting today start so early in the morning?”

    The driver was speechless.

    He had no answer for that question… He could not possibly say that the time was originally decided by the Young Master himself, could he?

    Even if he were more courageous, he still would not dare to say it.

    How can the Young Master become so unreasonable after falling in love? Wasn’t the female partner supposed to bring change to these kind of behavior?

    He felt that the interaction between Miss Su and the Young Master was different from the others couples, it was a whole new scenario.

    However, when he felt the abrupt change in the Young Master’s aura, he had a moment of silence in his heart for the parties who would be attending today’s meeting.