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Chapter 56

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 56: Must Not Fail To Live Up To All Of This

    Su Cha returned home and changed into light sleepwear.

    At first, she had planned to start her revisions immediately, but after some thought, she eventually decided to begin training her body.

    However, she was not repeating shadow boxing movements, instead, she began to do a series of strange movements.

    To speak of how strange it was, it was similar to yoga but with more quaint movements and breathing techniques.

    During the ancient times, if one wished to learn martial arts, naturally, they had to draw out the vitality of the world. But vitality was not something that could be drawn as one pleases, as the meridian system of the body had to be strengthened.

    This series of movements were meant to force open the meridians within the body.

    The people now still had meridians, but the significance of it in this era was no longer the same.

    Su Cha did not know whether if this would be useful either, but it was always better to try.

    The movements were very difficult. This body of Su Cha’s had no foundations in the past, so doing this forcibly would be incredibly painful in the beginning. It was a night in May, which meant that Su Cha was sweating profusely after a few minutes of working out. Even her muscles had started trembling from soreness.

    While her legs were becoming unsteady, she knew that even if these motions could not draw out the vitality of the world, it would still bring immense benefits to the body if continued over a long period of time. Similar to how it was necessary for one to persevere when attempting to lose weight and become fit.

    Of course, Su Cha would continue to persevere.

    Her teeth had begun to shake with chattering noise as beads of sweat formed incessantly like rain, but she still gritted her teeth and persisted.

    Su Cha only stopped when she finally saw black and fell backwards onto the floor.

    Looking at the time, barely half an hour had passed.

    Once she stopped, Su Cha felt that she literally could not walk and nearly crawled her way to the bathroom for a shower.

    But the things she experienced in her past life had given her a great advantage. Her fortitude was extremely strong, hence she could still endure it. After giving herself a massage and a little rest, she finished showering and sat down to do her revision.

    The unfinished embroidery of a kingfisher’s head was still lying there. Su Cha merely gave it a glance before she turned her attention back to her studies.

    Su Cha was truly short on time at the moment, the embroidery would have to until the next weekend.

    Right now, what was considered as the daily essential courses included her beginner’s training in ancient martial arts as well as her studies. There was only a month left before the entrance exams, how could she pass for a high school senior if she did not study…

    Su Cha finally went to bed when it was 12 midnight.

    Due to the training she had gone through that night, she quickly drifted off to sleep after laying down in bed.


    When the alarm clock rang, without depending on Bo Muyi, Su Cha got up from bed at six o’clock sharp in the morning. After she sent a message to the class teacher He Qun, requesting to take the morning off, she went out for a jog.

    The aftermath from her half an hour worth of workouts from last night had left her with severe sores all over her body. But as long as there were no problems with her bones, it showed that her body’s degree of acceptance towards those movements was very high. Basic exercises for her body like jogging were necessary, it was still beneficial to her body.

    Previously, it was because she was too vain.

    Now, immediately after she was reborn, two enemies popped up, Zhai Yao and Yang Nuanru. At the very least, she should toughen up her body up so that she could beat ten people single-handedly.

    The early morning air was crisp and pleasant. While jogging on the streets, Su Cha felt that the surrounding scenes of peddlers selling breakfast, with piping hot steam rising into the air as they uncovered their steamer basket or machinery, was especially warm and peaceful.

    Once a person had experienced lost, he or she would particularly cherish the present.

    Such as Su Cha.

    She clearly understood how hard it was to come across her current beautiful life, so she definitely must not fail to live up to all of this.