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Chapter 57

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 57: The Embroidery On The Clothing

    After returning home from breakfast, Su Cha picked a decent looking long dress from her wardrobe and changed.

    It was a very simple dress which Su Cha used to really like. It was made of plain white fabric without any patterns.

    However, right now, the plain white fabric did not seem to be of high quality and the dress looked notably dull without any patterns. In other words, one look was enough to tell that it was a cheap piece of clothing.

    Despite that, she had to sing at the audition site today and she would look too casual with t-shirt and shorts.

    Su Cha laid her eyes on the needle and thread in front of the sewing machine when she was about to leave. An idea brewed in her mind instantly.

    She grabbed the needle and changed out of the dress. Having measured the width of the white dress, she drew some dark lines at an estimated distance before she started stitching.

    With swift movements, her fingertips moved nimbly and elegantly with her every stitch. Soon, an embroidered green shoot appeared on the white dress.

    The white dress was dull so any color would suit it well. However, she had to match the fabric so it should not be too dense.

    Also, it would not be suitable to embroider in one place alone as a monotonous pattern would seem too striking. On the other hand, Su Cha could not embroider extremely complex patterns because she did not have much time.

    Moreover, the quality of the white dress was worse than white cotton. Thus, it would take quite some effort for her to embroider well.

    She contemplated for a moment before she embroidered two symmetrical green shoots.

    Su Cha quickly changed into the white dress after finishing the embroidery.

    Looking at herself in the mirror, she had a totally different temperament compared to before.

    The embroidery which took Su Cha an hour turned out to be two long green vines which sat in contrast on both sides of the hem of her dress. It had slightly spreading branches with some small leaves in between as embellishments. Due to the miraculous technique of Tang embroidery, the vines seemed to be swaying with the wind as Su Cha walked.

    The vibrant green color brought a different vibe to the simple white dress. It made Su Cha appear to be more dynamic and lively.

    It also reduced the offensiveness of her extremely gorgeous appearance.

    On the contrary, it made her stood out from the others.

    Su Cha was very pleased with her spontaneous idea. She took a small handbag and placed her cellphone in before she went out.

    She did not intend to walk all the way there due to the distance. She hired a taxi and headed to the audition site.

    Throughout the journey, the taxi driver could not help but stare at Su Cha from the rearview mirror. When she arrived at her destination, the taxi fare totalled at 57RMB.

    The driver only collected 50 from Su Cha as he was captivated by her beauty.

    This was the advantage of being attractive.

    It was extremely crowded when she entered the venue, there were even more people than the day before.

    Su Cha looked up at the big screen. 348!

    Her heart skipped a beat. She reached on time but she nearly missed her turn.

    She planned her journey based on her estimation of the time until her turn and did not expect to be almost late for it. The speed of the auditions for today was clearly faster than the day before.

    When Su Cha entered, the girls nearby noticed her and went silent for a while. Apart from those girls who were already paying their attention to Su Cha yesterday, some of them only noticed her today and were all enticed by Su Cha’s dress…

    Hmm, the pattern on the dress looks common, but somehow it seemed peculiar as if it were alive.

    Looking from afar, they thought that Su Cha had stuck something on her dress. They only noticed that it was actually an embroidered pattern on the dress when they got closer.

    Some of the girls who liked pretty clothing were immediately moved as they stared at her from left to right. They all wanted to go up and ask Su Cha where she got her dress from.