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Chapter 58

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 58: The Competition Had Begun

    Le Anqi’s gaze also wandered about Su Cha’s dress.

    She did not really fancy the style of Su Cha’s dress but she had to admit that she took an inexplicable liking to the embroidered pattern on the dress.

    She noticed that the fabric of the dress was rather ordinary when Su Cha neared her. However, the pattern was embroidered in high-quality, which was confusing to her.

    Anyone who could embroider this pattern would have been a master. Why would a master embroider on such an ordinary dress?

    Su Cha did not mind the looks from the people around her and sat down indifferently. Le Anqi wanted to ask about the dress but for some reason, the numbers were going by at a crazy speed. Within two minutes, it was number 350’s turn.

    Su Cha got up immediately and proceeded to wait for her turn to enter the venue.

    Le Anqi could only keep her question to herself.

    Su Cha did not expect it to be her turn so soon, but she was confident about herself. Before entering the cabin, she went over the lyrics of “Wild Pigeon” in her mind again.

    Many people were confident and well-prepared prior to the audition but they would stutter or forget their lyrics when facing the judges, mostly because they were nervous. Su Cha would never allow such a situation to happen to her.

    As soon as the number on the screen changed, Su Cha heard a staff calling out for her, “Number 351, it’s your turn.”

    Su Cha nodded when the door of the cabin opened, a girl ran out in tears.

    It was clear that she could not bear her disappointment after getting eliminated.

    There were many girls like this even though the competition had just started for two days.

    After all, there were extremely limited spots to be the top ten in the country with hundreds of thousands of competitors.

    The degree of competitiveness was hard to describe.

    Following the girl’s exit, Su Cha went in like a gentle breeze, yet she had an imposing presence that could not be easily ignored.

    The moment the staff closed the door after Su Cha, the noises of the entire venue turned to silence.

    Inside the cabin, three judges looked up at her wearily.

    Any one would be exhausted after dealing with all kinds of screening and weird performances for two consecutive days.

    However, they had to admit that Su Cha caught their attention.

    In terms of appearance, the girl before them was absolutely stunning.

    They were well aware of how this industry worked. Being able to sing and dance could only be counted as bonus points. An attractive face, however, would be a really powerful asset!

    The judging panel consisted of two females and a male.

    The woman sitting on the left was Yu Siqing, a good-looking local TV hostess in her thirties. Although her professionalism in music was questionable, it was not surprising for her to be here as there were judges who were chosen to fill up the empty slots in the judging panel for the competition every year.

    The woman in the middle was Quan Jia, a well-known music producer. There was no doubt about her professionalism.

    The man on the right was a young celebrity. He had sung several theme songs and he was quite famous. His name was Xu Cunjian.

    Out of the three, Quan Jia and Xu Cunjian had great expectations for Su Cha. A pretty girl like her subconsciously gave them hope that she could amaze them with her performance.

    On the other hand, Yu Siqing’s expression was strange, she was startled when Su Cha entered. Then she responded in a sarcastic tone, “Oh! It’s rare for such a pretty girl to participate in the audition!”

    Her words were perplexing. Was there a reason why pretty girls could not participate in the audition?

    Quan Jia and Xu Cunjian did not say anything and Su Cha proceeded to introduce herself politely, “Hi, my name is Su Cha, I’m 18 years old and currently in twelfth grade. The talent that I will be performing today is singing and I’m going to sing ‘Wild Pigeon’.”

    Her self-introduction was direct and straightforward.