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Chapter 59

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 59: The Stunned Judges

    Su Cha’s straightforwardness further impressed Quan Jia and Zhao Cunjian.

    Since it was an important audition, most of the contestants felt the need to leave a good impression on the judges. So they introduced themselves with a lot of unnecessary details when in fact, the judges were not interested at all. For the judges, the most important thing was for the contestants to show their talent.

    To them, this pretty girl who did not waste time by talking nonsense was really favorable.

    Quan Jia’s gaze on Su Cha softened.

    As Su Cha was about to sing, Yu Siqing commented with unclear intentions, “This song is quite tough to sing, such bravery for choosing it…”

    Her remark did not sound like a compliment, rather like she was ridiculing Su Cha for overestimating herself.

    Su Cha ignored her and parted her lips to sing under the judges’ attentive gaze,

    “You held me tight in your hand, to keep me from escaping. I never had anyone to rely on, until I met you. I threw everything away, just to follow you…”

    Quan Jia and Zhao Cunjian’s eyes lit up when they heard Su Cha’s clear and ethereal voice. They looked at each other since they both had a tacit understanding of music.

    What an outstanding voice!

    Her voice was not extraordinary nor it was the kind that sounded vast and distant. However, it was ethereal and unforgettable from the moment they heard it. Like a flowing stream, it was clean and silvery but also exquisite and faraway like snow lotuses on a mountain.

    Also, her voice was very recognizable!

    Quan Jia and Zhao Cunjian knew how rare Su Cha’s voice was almost as soon as they heard it.

    Moreover, the difficulty of “Wild Pigeon” did not lie in the lack of high-pitched parts, it was its irregular singing method instead.

    The melody was not a catchy one as the original song had a mildly depressing feeling. Therefore, it was testing on the singer’s grasp of the rhythm to a great extent.

    Su Cha’s voice did not suit the song very well but she sang it with her own emotions and rearranged it to create her own style. Quan Jia and Zhao Cunjian could not help but closed their eyes to enjoy her singing.

    Even if she sang without the accompaniment of any musical instruments, her voice alone would be more than enough to bring pleasure to the audience.

    Yu Siqing had a rather weird expression. She could not understand where the difficulty of the song lay, but she knew that Su Cha sang pretty well based on the expressions of the other two judges.

    Her hand that was reaching for the bell paused with hesitation.

    The bell was the privilege of the judges. They could ring the bell to stop the contestants from continuing their performance if they were not satisfied with their performances.

    While she hesitated, Su Cha continued with her song.

    There’s nothing to grief, nothing that could not be gotten over.

    Su Cha closed her eyes, allowing the song to flow from her lips while reminiscing her first life. Above all, she let nostalgia washed through her emotions.

    Her ethereal voice almost brought the judges into the clouds. The judges were left feeling somewhat lost and yearning when the cabin returned to silence as she finished her song.

    Having enjoyed the aftertaste with a few seconds of silence, Zhao Cunjian could not help but started applauding loudly, “Great, great singing! You have an amazing voice!”

    He just moved from Hong Kong to the mainland so his Mandarin was not very accurate. However, the brilliant smile on his face when he looked at Su Cha expressed how happy he was.

    Even Quan Jia could not help but praised her, “Not to be blunt here, but I wasn’t expecting to hear such a wonderful voice on just the second day. To be honest, my ears felt like they have been completely cleansed by your pure and ethereal voice. Your voice is outstanding, I can already remember your voice from the moment I heard it.”