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Chapter 60

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 60: Pass

    Affirmation from two judges in a row would definitely make a contestant ecstatic.

    However, Su Cha just stood there smiling politely with the microphone in her hands. She did not seem overjoyed, just very calm.

    There was hardly any excitement on her face, which was an impressive feat.


    Just as the two judges finished their commendations, Yu Siqing, the only one who did not comment began to speak in a contradicting tone. The moment she opened her mouth, Quan Jia and Zhao Cunjian’s expression changed and they both turned to stare at her.

    Zhao Cunjian had been in the industry for quite some time, so his emotional intelligence was quite high. When he heard Yu Siqing trying to rebuke, he did not question in a direct manner. Instead, he asked jokingly, “It seems like Teacher Yu here has a different opinion?”

    People who were unaware would think that Zhao Cunjian calling her a teacher was a sign of respect when in fact, he was actually being sarcastic.

    As a host of a local TV station who was simply forced to fill up the judging panel, she was no professional. Now that an excellent contestant had appeared, what would she say?

    Yu Siqing, you have guts.

    Zhao Cunjian’s “Teacher Yu” had her bursting with joy internally but her face only showed a gentle smile as she looked at Su Cha, “Indeed, you have a good voice, but ‘Wild Pigeon’ is a difficult song in the first place and it might be a little too hard for you. There were many parts where you sung out of tune. You were basically out of tune at the end of every verse…”

    Quan Jia could not stand it and interrupted before she could finish, “Ah, but she didn’t run out of tune!”

    Su Cha also replied with a smile, “Teacher Yu, I have made a little rearrangement to the song so I did not sing according to the original version.”

    Her answer was implicit enough. She could have directly asked her, can’t she tell the difference between a rearrangement and an out of tune singing?

    Zhao Cunjian agreed with Su Cha as he gaped at Yu Siqing in surprise, “It’s true that she did not sing out of tune, it was a rearrangement. It was obvious that the ending of each verse had been reworked. Together with her voice, it sounds richer this way. The effect turned out to be excellent, unlike the original version with a lower and melancholic voice. Didn’t Teacher Yu notice that? ”

    Yu Siqing was at a loss for words.

    The remarks from those three were like slaps to her face.

    There was nothing more wounding than this.

    She was speechless from their disdainful onslaught, thus she could only maintain her basic manners as she forced an awkward smile on her lips, “Is… is that so?”

    As soon as she said that, even the director behind the camera could not help but covered his eyes with his hand.

    Didn’t she claim to have studied in a music academy for three years when she first came to be a judge? Is that how educated she is?

    Both Quan Jia and Zhao Cunjian could see that Yu Siqing did not understand the song one bit and was simply trying to find fault with Su Cha.

    Both of them would never mistreat talented people like Yu Siqing would. Regardless of Su Cha’s beauty, it was a true fact that she sang well. Moreover, she had her own strengths as well.

    Quan Jia and Zhao Cunjian did not hesitate at all, “We’re giving you a pass! Congratulations!”

    It would take three passes from the judges for the contestant to proceed to the next round. Yu Siqing was not foolish enough to test whether the other two judges would turn on her if she refused to give a pass. So, as unwilling as she was, she also gave a pass.

    With a smile on her lips, Su Cha gave Yu Siqing a meaningful gaze which made Yu Siqing’s heart jumped.

    Su Cha took a slight bow, “Thank you for your acknowledgment, I will continue to do my best.”