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Chapter 61 - Did The Judges Say Anything To You?

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 61: Did The Judges Say Anything To You?

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    When she came forward to take her Pass Card, Quan Jia kindly advised, “You are born to be a singer. You have a good voice and can understand the song well. But, your techniques are less satisfying. When you go back home, remember to practice them. Some of your portamentos could be better.”

    Xu Cunjian also said, “Your breath is light. People can hardly notice it while you sing. This is also a good thing as it will not affect your performance. Don’t lose it. I would suggest you listen to more songs of the American band AKOG…”

    Quan Jia nodded with him, “The band recommended by Teacher Xu is exceptionally great.”

    Su Cha could tell that the judges were giving her genuine advice. She kept their words in heart and nodded, “Thank you, I will.”

    While watching Quan Jia and Xu Cunjian talking with Su Cha, Yu Suqing turned pale.

    “Your dress is also beautiful. Where did you buy it?”

    Quan Jia even joked with Su Cha and asked about her eye-catching dress.

    Su Cha said it was a casual pick from a market, so Quan Jia did not ask any further questions.

    They encouraged Su Cha by saying that they looked forward to seeing her become the Top 10 of the city and go to Imperial Capital for the finals.

    They did not need to say more about their fondness of Su Cha.

    The director trusted these two judges as they were professionals. They had hardly spoken with any contestant before Su Cha. Naturally, editors in the back-stage were told to keep more part of Su Cha’s footage.

    All contestants’ audition videos would be posted online.

    There were two kinds of them. One kind was of outstanding contestants who had excelled from among hundreds of thousands of contestants. In this way, they could receive extra attention in the earlier stage of the contest and enjoy the benefit of more votes in the city finals. The other kind was of overly ridiculous contestants who had been knocked out. As a huge show, it needed the laughingstocks to help attract the public.

    The production crew could not keep everyone’s part as there were too many contestants. Instead, it would edit some individual performances and post them online. The chosen contestants were often considered to have won half the battle.

    After all, this audition would last one month.

    And footages would be posted on the official website every day.

    Only these two kinds of contestants would be seen in the videos.

    If the editors were to work on everyone’s footages, they would definitely wear themselves out.

    Those who had talent but less characteristic would be neglected directly. After coming to the stage where fewer participants were left, they might finally show up in the videos.

    Many contestants saw Su Cha walking out with a Pass Card.

    She had stayed in the room for a long time as she had sung one song completely and received many of the judges’ comments.

    She had taken up more than ten minutes, which was almost the length of dozens of previous contestants adding together.

    Her long stay and Pass Card were a clear sign in smart people’s eyes.

    When Su Cha was about to leave, Le Anqi walked out from the crowd. She saw Su Cha’s Pass Card and felt jealous. But at last, she said, “Congratulations!”

    She said the word normally with almost no grudges.

    Su Cha nodded and said, “Thank you.”

    Le Anqi paused and glanced around. All of a sudden, she asked in a low voice, “Did the judges say anything to you?”