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Chapter 62 - My Cha Cha is Awesome!

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 62: My Cha Cha is Awesome!

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    Su Cha smiled mysteriously, “Take a guess?”

    Le Anqi: “…”

    There’s no way she could have guessed it.

    Su Cha did not say anything else and left the competition venue immediately.

    Having passed in the last round, Su Cha estimated that she was now part of the top 100.

    No matter the number of competitors in the region, only a hundred would be selected.

    Although that may seem cruel, one has to consider that there are several regions in the country…

    Ultimately, the top 10 competitors from each region would move on to compete in the Imperial Capital Division for a position in the National Top 50.

    The competition among the top 50 participants would be televised nationwide.

    That’s when one can really make a name for themselves.

    But, the competition between the Imperial Capital Division’s Top 50 would only start sometime between September and October, just in time for the school reopening.

    Su Cha was happy that she had been promoted. The first thing she did was to text Bo Muyi, “Muyi, I passed!”

    She had chosen to send a message as she was worried that Bo Muyi would be busy with work, and a call would distract him.

    After sending the message, Su Cha prepared to treat herself.

    At the same time, a group of senior executives was gathered on the top floor of a company building.

    A meeting was underway. Bo Muyi was seated at the head of the table. His handsome face was tensed, and a slight frown from him had the ability to make others feel immensely pressured.

    As the meeting was progressing poorly, the man exuded a negative aura. His eyes were so dark that no emotions could be seen, and it felt like anyone who spoke nonsense would be crushed by the man.

    The man glanced through a department report. With every page he turned, the heart of the department manager beat like crazy.

    Assistant Bai Kun and a man dressed in black stood outside.

    Bai Kun was holding onto Bo Muyi’s mobile when he felt a vibrate. He subconsciously glanced at the illuminated screen and saw the contents of an incoming text message.

    What shocked him to the core was not the contents of the message, but rather the name of the sender: Baby Cha.

    Bai Kun could not help but glance into the meeting room. He did not dare imagine how the man with the murderous aura felt when he must have typed these three characters…

    Bai Kun turned to the man in black for help, “What should I do? Miss Su sent a message, and it seems like she has successfully passed the first round of the competition. Should I show it to the young master now…?”

    But the young master did not want anyone to disrupt the meeting. Otherwise, he would not have passed his mobile phone to me for safekeeping.

    Who would dare to distract him from the meeting?

    That would be like inviting death!

    But Miss Su’s change in attitude over the past two days, followed by the young master’s odd behavior if I do not bring it in…

    The man in black took a quick look at Bai Kun, “I suggest that you go in.”

    Bai Kun instantly felt mentally supported, what’s there to fear, in the worst-case scenario, I will appeal to Miss Su for mercy!

    When Bai Kun stepped forward to knock on the meeting room door, the man’s piercing glance almost made Bai Kun drop the mobile phone from his hands. The executives in the room stared at Bai Kun as if he was a courageous warrior.

    Bai Kun braced himself and mouthed the word “Su”. The man’s strong murderous aura instantly dropped, and he beckoned Bai Kun to come in.

    Bai Kun entered the meeting room and respectfully handed the mobile phone to Bo Muyi.

    He watched as the man reached for the phone. The man’s expression remained unchanged, and that was a terrifying sight for everyone present.

    As Bai Kun stood behind Bo Muyi, he saw the young master read and then respond with a single line, “Hmm, my Cha Cha is awesome. Treat me to dinner tonight.”

    Bai Kun: “…”

    Young master, when you send such a message, can you please not put on such a fierce expression….