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Chapter 63 - Concerns

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 63: Concerns

    Su Cha saw Bo Muyi’s message and quickly replied with a yes.

    Bo Muyi could not go out at noon as he only had time after work in the afternoon. Su Cha thought that she could have dinner with Bo Muyi that night.

    She called Wu He to tell her the good news, “Sister Wu, I passed the audition!”

    The young girl had a clear voice. Although she sounded more indifferent and haughty now, she was still friendly to people whom she trusted.

    Wu He was thrilled to hear that she had passed the audition, “Really?”

    Although Wu He had always believed that Su Cha would pass the audition, she could not help worrying that the judges would dislike Su Cha because of her lack of confidence during performance. Now, she was quite relieved with the news. “You didn’t miss the chance that I signed up for you. Are you available this noon? Let’s have lunch together.”

    “Yes. I can go back to school after having lunch with you.”


    After Su Cha and Wu He decided where to eat, Su Cha set out.

    Now that she had passed the audition, she planned to prepare for the matter of embroidery this weekend.

    They met at an ordinary diner that had a fair cost and nice food.

    Wu He knew that Su Cha was going to buy her lunch, so she did not pick a fancy place due to Su Cha’s financial status.

    She was very considerate.

    Su Cha arrived a little earlier. The waiter was kind enough to serve her a cup of tea and lead her to a seat next to the window, where Su Cha could wait for her friend.

    Su Cha saw Wu He coming in, before long.

    After many years, Su Cha refreshed her memory about Wu He the minute she saw her.

    She was still the same person in her memory, wearing a skirt suit of black and white and a pair of glasses with black frames. She looked like a common and scholarly white-collar official.

    Wu He had a normal face, but she looked mature because of her long working experience. When she came in, she saw Su Cha sitting next to the window at the first sight.

    Su Cha waved to her. For a minute, Wu He was dumbfounded at how glamorous Su Cha had become.

    She had never seen her like that, smiling in high spirits like the spring sunshine. Her face looked pretty and stunning.

    Her old pettiness had disappeared. On the contrary, she now looked noble and graceful.

    Su Cha waved to her gently while sitting there, which appeared to be full of charisma.

    How gorgeous she is!

    Wu He couldn’t help thinking to herself. Can a breakup change a person so much?

    Su Cha seemed to have not been affected by the breakup at all.

    Wu He finally walked in and smiled at Su Cha, “Su Cha, you must have waited for a long time.”

    “No,” Su Cha shook her head and smiled gently, “I’ve just arrived. What would you like to eat, Sister Wu He?”

    She pushed the menu to her. Wu He didn’t bother to say polite words, out of courtesy. She sat down and put her black handbag aside while taking the menu. After a glance, she finished ordering quickly. “These should be enough. I also ordered some of your favorite dishes. Tell me everything about your audition now. Did the judges say anything to you?”

    After she handed the menu back to the waiter, she turned to Su Cha eagerly since she cared about Su Cha and wanted to give her some advice accordingly.