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Chapter 64 - Full of Confidence

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 64: Full of Confidence

    Wu He could not contain her excitement, “It seems like you left a deep impression on the judges. That’s great!”

    She was way more excited than Su Cha, it was as though she was the one who passed the first round of the competition, “That’s good. I’ve enquired, up till the regional division, the panel of judges will remain the same. These three judges will have the power to select the top 10 from the remaining 20 contestants. If what you said was true, as long as you do not make any major mistakes, there is a high chance that the judges will promote you directly to the regional top 10. That would make you eligible for the final competition at the national level.”

    The direct promotion to the top 10 did not mean that it would be smooth and steady. Su Cha had left a deep impression on the judges. If she maintains, or improves, her level of performance, it was likely that the three judges would be biased towards her, giving Su Cha direct entry to the regional top 10.

    Su Cha’s abilities were sufficient.

    Although the competition had just begun, Su Cha was already halfway successful. No wonder Wu He was beyond excited.

    Su Cha maintained her calm and indifferent composure. She was thrilled that Wu He was in high spirits, “But, Sister Wu He, it’s too early to be this happy.”

    She lowered her head and took a sip of tea. Her graceful movement made Wu He instantly felt that Su Cha radiated a sense of…elegance.

    Although Wu He did not understand why she suddenly felt this way, Su Cha’s words caught her attention, “Why?”

    Su Cha recalled the incident involving Yu Siqing, “There’s a judge in the Yonggu Town’s competition named Yu Siqing. I’ve done some research on her. She’s a hostess at a local TV station, and she was invited to fill up the empty slots in the judging panel. Her professionalism in music is questionable. Although the other two judges praised me, she was very opinionated. When she criticized my performance, she was chastised by the other judges and me.”

    Wu He frowned, “Yu Siqing? Where did this unpopular star come from?”

    Wu He’s cluelessness revealed Yu Siqing’s lack of popularity.

    A TV hostess by profession, but forced to be a judge.

    Wu He whipped out her mobile phone to do a background check on Yu Siqing. With the internet, it was easy to collect information quickly. The quick online search revealed a bunch of her past disgraceful acts.

    As most of the online information was groundless accusations, it was hard to determine if her character was flawed.

    Wu He pondered before saying, “It doesn’t matter. With a two to one chance, the audience voting is important. Since two of the judges are supporting you, you have a higher chance of winning. If you are not concerned about being the regional champion, you do not have to worry about making it into the top 10. I’m confident about your singing abilities. But, Su Cha, if you can bring your current attitude on stage, I guarantee that all the gods and demons would be mesmerized by you!”

    Su Cha lightly laughed.

    At that instant, Wu He realized what it meant by “overthrowing a kingdom with one’s beauty”.

    That’s a perfect face.

    What Wu He meant was that Su Cha lacked self-confidence in the past, and she was unable to convey her emotions through her singing. But today, if she brought her charisma on stage, who would be able to ignore it?

    “Let’s focus our efforts on the regional championship. After all, if I am the regional champion, it secures me a spot in the nation’s top 50 and I would not have to compete again after entering the Imperial Capital.”

    Wu He’s confidence in Su Cha made her feel ambitious.

    Everyone has to have a set of goals and dreams. Without dreams, how are they different from salted fish?

    It sounded like Wu He had full confidence in Su Cha.