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Chapter 65 - Under A Spell!

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 65: Under A Spell!

    While their dishes were being gradually served, they chatted and ate. Wu He brought about the topic of Su Cha’s new boyfriend.

    “Does your new boyfriend work with a Group? Is he white-collared like me?”

    What concerned Wu He the most was that Su Cha might not be able to tell people apart and get cheated on by another tub of lard.

    “Yes. He told me that he was doing an internship. I don’t know much about him. But, he is from a wealthy family.”

    “Wealthy?” Wu He frowned a little, “How?”

    Su Cha didn’t mind her asking about it. She said bluntly, “I don’t know. He has a personal driver who calls him a Young Master.”


    “Hack hack hack…”

    After Su Cha spoke, Wu He spit the food out of her mouth and almost choked herself. She coughed and coughed. Tears welled in her eyes. Su Cha handed a cup of water to her immediately. Wu He took it and drank up to finally calm down.

    “My God, Su Cha, are you kidding me? A Young Master? Do they even exist today?”

    It was not Wu He’s fault that she could not believe it. Sometimes, the remains of the past were just too far from ordinary people’s life. How could one have the knowledge of it if they never saw it?

    “Could he be a Young Master from a giant consortium? My God, Su Cha, he could be more dangerous than your ex, that tub of lard!”

    Su Cha was amused with what Wu He named Zhai Yao, “He looks a thousand times better than the tub of lard. He is more good-looking than the stars.”

    Wu He paused when she saw Su Cha’s face. She stopped joking and put on a serious look, “Su Cha, let’s not argue if you have exaggerated it. If you are honest, have you thought it through? Is he a good match?”

    There must be a huge gap between them. Better-looking than the stars, having a personal driver, he can’t be a common rich boy from a wealthy family.

    Su Cha is going to join the entertainment industry in the future, which is exactly why he can be a danger to her.

    Wu He feared that the man might just treat Su Cha as a toy that he would toss away after getting tired of her. Su Cha would still be the person who got hurt at the end.

    Wu He was not unreasonable. Rich people in Yonggu Town were very promiscuous.

    Su Cha poured herself a cup of tea slowly with ease. “Sister Wu He, it’s not about if he is a good match but rather, it’s about liking. He likes me and I like him. That’s enough for me. The rest are just external factors.”

    “Well, if you say so. It’s none of my business.”

    Look what Su Cha looks like now. I hope she has learned a lesson from the past with Zhai Yao.

    After lunch with Su Cha, Wu He went back to her company as she had to work in the afternoon. Su Cha called a taxi and went back to her school.

    After she got off the taxi, she looked around cautiously and did not see anyone sent by Yang Nuanru.

    She still remembered the past and could recognize those unemployed young people whom Yang Nuanru was close with.

    After all, they often showed up around the school.

    She strode into the campus. Self-study at noon was about to begin.

    When she walked into the classroom, Le Anqi was already there.

    She also saw Su Cha. After Su Cha came near her, she gave out a little cry and said in a low voice, “Did you see Yang Nuanru when you came in? She might have thought that you won’t come this afternoon, and didn’t send people.”

    Su Cha smiled easily, “I want to come, so here I am. I’m not afraid of her. If anything happened to me, she won’t suffer less than me.”

    Her last sentence sounded very cold, which gave Le Anqi goosebumps all over her arms.

    She confirmed her earlier thought.

    Su Cha had probably…been put under a spell!!!