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Chapter 66 - Danger! Who Exactly is in Danger?

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 66: Danger! Who Exactly is in Danger?

    Yang Nuanru would know when Su Cha arrived at school.

    But, she would not dare to act recklessly in school. The third lesson in the afternoon went smoothly.

    The past two days of learning deepened her knowledge of the courses, and there were no signs of unequal improvements. All in all, it could be said that Su Cha understood all the classes she was taking.

    If she could maintain this rate of improvement for a month, Su Cha was confident that she would excel in her national college entrance exam.

    She wanted to enter the Imperial Capital.

    Because the learning conditions were the best in the Imperial Capital, and her goal was to enroll in the performance academy.

    All the top performance academies were concentrated in the Imperial Capital.

    Even in her first life, the old Su Cha’s enrolment into a performance academy was guaranteed. But, Su Cha wanted to put in her best effort to improve herself.

    She could excel, so why not strive for a higher score?

    The competition’s national division would also be held in the Imperial City.

    What would Bo Muyi think about me moving to the Imperial City…

    But, it was still too early to be concerned about that. Su Cha did not dwell on that thought for long.

    Towards the end of the third lesson, the school atmosphere became tense.

    Le Anqi’s mobile phone rang, and she checked the news before turning to Su Cha who was packing up to leave, “Yang Nuanru and a couple of people are waiting at the school gate.”

    Su Cha narrowed her eyes momentarily before she curled the sides of her lip into a faint smile, “It doesn’t matter.”

    Li Anqi’s eyes widened in shock.

    Su Cha left the class after packing her belongings.

    “What the hell, she has guts!”

    “Damn it, we are classmates. We can’t just watch her get beaten up, right?”

    “Then, do you dare to provoke those guys? Be careful. You might die after they stab you with a knife.”

    Hearing what the classmates said, Cai Ziya’s face turned pale.

    She subconsciously turned to Li Anqi, “What do we do? Should we call the teacher?”

    Le Anqi was dumbfounded, “Yang Nuanru and her gang would not be so stupid to attack right in front of the school gate. They would lead Su Cha to another place, and the teachers would not be able to manage it.”

    Upon hearing that, Cai Ziya panicked, “Then, what should we do? The main issue here is not Su Cha being beaten up. What if those people…,” she lowered her head and whispered, “do something brute to her?”

    Students fear that the most, especially the teenage girls.

    Society’s scoundrels are all a bunch of scumbags. They would not consider the consequences of their actions. If they see how beautiful Su Cha is, they might develop indecent thoughts and lead Su Cha to a secluded area where there will be no one to help her. If something happens, Su Cha’s life would be ruined.

    Le Anqi was reminded of Su Cha’s recent success during the competition judging round, her great career had just begun. Although Le Anqi appeared to be confident, she had a soft heart. She lowered her head and sent a message to someone.

    After that, she pulled Cai Ziya, “Come, let’s take a look.”

    The two girls immediately ran after Su Cha.

    It was true that many people followed Su Cha.

    Yang Nuanru had declared that she would take her revenge on Su Cha. Everyone was waiting for the show to unfold. There were only a small number of people present who did not wish to see Su Cha getting hurt, but they could not intervene.

    Because they did not dare to do so.

    Many students walked out of the school gates. As Su Cha passed by the guardhouse, she noticed a pile of wooden rods placed next to the security guard. The rods were round, and her hands could be wrapped nicely around it. The exterior of the rod had a light greyish color, and they looked like materials to build a chair.

    Su Cha immediately broke into a broad smile, “Uncle, can I take one of the wooden sticks? I have some use for them. I will return them to you tomorrow. I am Su Cha of Grade 12’s Class Five.”

    The old man recognized Su Cha, but he was unaware of the things she would be faced with afterward. He took a glance at Su Cha, and replied without probing, “Sure, take it. We will be assembling the chairs tomorrow, so you must return it!”

    Su Cha smiled as she picked up a wooden stick before leaving.

    Le Anqi and Cai Ziya who were following behind saw Su Cha’s movement, and they shivered.

    As soon as Su Cha exited the school gate, she was approached by a few bald young men with ill intentions.