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Chapter 67 - She’s Alone

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 67: She’s Alone

    Those men in T-shirts and vests were all bald.

    Their egg-like heads glared in the sunlight, which made people’s eyes sore.

    Su Cha squeezed her eyes a bit and sniffed their stink of sweat, cigarettes, and even body odor while they approached her.

    The mixed smell was nauseating in this weather.

    Su Cha took a step back to dodge it.

    Those loafers were not aware of it. They found Su Cha to be a beautiful girl and exchanged lustful looks with each other.

    “Little sister, you have the guts to fight against our younger sister Nuanru, don’t you? Come here. Why don’t we have a private conversation about life?”, said one rascal.

    There were some students nearby who were about to leave but stopped.

    They lowered their heads and whispered. Yang Nuanru walked slowly out of the crowd.

    She saw that Su Cha had been stopped by her people and became a little excited.

    She lowered her head, but she could not hide her happy face.


    Unexpectedly, Su Cha agreed. She smiled innocently, “Shall we find a quiet place?”

    The bald young men were dumbfounded. Apparently, they did not expect that Su Cha would have the guts to go with them.

    Someone saw the stick in Su Cha’s hands and found it strange. He tried to take it over, “This is dangerous. It’s not for a girl. Give it to me.”

    But before his hand could reach Su Cha, the girl had already taken two steps away from him. Her smile died down, “Why do you care? Can’t I like it?”

    She said unhappily. The baldies were irritated and embarrassed as many people were watching them.

    A man tried to touch Su Cha’s head but she dodged right away.

    She did not wait for them to react, and walked straight into the crowd to catch Yang Nuanru’s neck and dragged her out violently. “Since they are your big brothers, let’s go together, Nuanru, shall we?”

    Yang Nuanru was caught off guard by Su Cha and was out of breath. She couldn’t help shrieking, “What are you doing?!”

    Then she found that everyone was looking at her.

    Yang Nuanru felt cold as if she had fallen in an ice cellar.

    She had always been a woman of power in school. How could she be scared of Su Cha’s touch?

    Yang Nuanru could not face the students.

    Nor she could ignore Su Cha’s strength. She was about the same height as Su Cha, only a little shorter than her. However, she was caught by Su Cha at the neck and dragged to her big brothers. Su Cha smiled more sweetly than a blossom, “Come on, big brothers, shall we find a place to talk about life?”

    She held a wooden stick with one hand and captured Yang Nuanru with another. She looked even more like a bully than the real ones….

    But Su Cha’s smile was able to enchant people. If she waved, all men would follow her.

    The students got excited as they could not believe how bold Su Cha had become.

    Did I see it clearly? Did Yang Nuanru show fear of Su Cha’s approach?!

    What had happened yesterday? Why does Yang Nuanru fear Su Cha?

    Isn’t Su Cha always a good girl in school?

    Le Anqi and Cai Ziya were still worried about Su Cha. They glanced around and followed them.

    After all, Su Cha was alone.