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Chapter 68 - Attacking Without a Reason

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 68: Attacking Without a Reason

    They really led Su Cha to a secluded corner.

    After walking for a while, they entered a residential building that would soon be demolished. A demolition notice had been pasted at the front of the building, and no one really passed by the area.

    The residents nearby were mainly ordinary civilians.

    Yang Nuanru had been tightly held by Su Cha, she attempted to struggle free but to no avail. Yang Nuanru and Su Cha walked at the very front while the older boys followed behind them.

    As they went further into the remote area, Yang Nuanru became increasingly distressed. She did not know where her anxiety came from.

    Yang Nuanru gritted her teeth, “Su Cha, I already gathered my people here with me. If you dare hit me again, you will not be able to leave this place safely.”

    Su Cha turned her head towards Yang Nuanru. As she exhaled, her breath hit Yang Nuanru’s ear, “Yang Nuanru, I told you yesterday, right? If you dare to trouble me, you will end up in a worse state. Today, I will let you guys die here.”

    Although she spoke softly, there were no traces of jokes at all.

    Yang Nuanru shivered, “Dream on, there are a few of them…”

    Su Cha snickered and stopped talking.

    After seeing that there was no one around, the few older boys quickly caught up and tried to grab Su Cha, “Why do you keep holding onto Yang Nuanru? What are you trying to do?”

    When his hand was about to touch Su Cha, the girl’s eyes shifted as she rapidly rotated the wooden rod in her hand. Taking advantage of the rotation speed, Su Cha hit the side of the bastard’s head with the wooden rod.

    The loud “bang” made everyone shudder with fear. As the wooden rod landed directly on the boy’s temple, he saw stars and the whole world turned around him.

    His entire body swayed as if he was drunk before landing on the floor.

    He did not pass out, but he was caught off guard by the wooden rod. Su Cha did not show mercy, his head felt like it was about to explode.

    His head was buzzing in pain, the buzzing was so loud it felt like Venus was moving in his head.

    Seeing what Su Cha had done, Yang Nuanru’s heart raced.

    She felt like screaming, but a hand tightly pinched her throat.

    Is Su Cha Crazy?!

    She has gone mad!!

    “Fuck you! Are you looking to die?”

    “You stupid bitch, are you crazy?!”

    “Don’t you dare attack, you stupid play thing!!”

    The rest of the boys were stunned as they watched Su Cha attack using a wooden stick. As they came to their senses, they were boiling with anger. The rod that Su Cha had brought along was meant to hit people!

    The few boys charged towards Su Cha, thinking that she would not be able to deal with them all at once.

    As they thought that they were dealing with a girl, the boys did not bring along any weapons.

    The following scene was unforgettable for Yang Nuanru. She was stupefied, as she remained restrained under Su Cha’s arm. Su Cha dodged the attacks at a fantastic speed, the wooden rod in her hand was like a murder weapon as it only landed on the lethal spots.

    It was possible to kill someone by hitting them on their heads. Su Cha attacked without mercy as she landed another direct hit on one of the boy’s head.

    After suffering such a deadly blow, the boy instantly lost his will to fight.

    After spending so many years in ancient times, she had lost her martial arts ability. But, she clearly remembered some basic martial arts movement. With a weapon in her hand, these boys were no match for her.

    When Yang Nuanru regained her senses, she saw that one of the boys had tried to escape. But Su Cha exerted her strength and the wooden rod in her hands flew towards him. “Bang” the wooden rod landed on the round, braised egg-like head!

    The boy immediately fell to the ground.